Coursework 1 Details

Posted on July 21, 2022 by Cheapest Assignment

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Masters in International Tourism and Hotel Management

Coursework 1 Details:

Choose any company that you like but please make sure that this company is manufacturing in multiple countries and have extensive sales abroad.

After selecting this company, please research their elements of supply chain. First element would be their facilities and where they are located.

This should be followed by understanding their international business strategy such as transnational to international. They may follow different strategies for different locations or regions, please understand which strategies do they follow in each location.

Once you have understood the strategies that they are following understand which international supply chain design they use.

Then explain other elements of global supply chain management such as sourcing, transportation, inventory, information and pricing.

After finishing all of these, please give an advice on how they can improve their global supply chain design.

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