COVID-19 Challenges: How To Get Motivated To Do Assignments with a healthy mind?

Posted on January 14, 2022 by Cheapest Assignment

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COVID-19 has interconnected challenges that lead to big hassles. All the more, the impact is huge and there are these small aspects that add to the frustration as well. In the case of the Education sector, the quick innovative decision to go online is highly appreciated. But many tiny aspects creates a lot of mental hassles. It is not only difficult for the teachers but also the students to cope in this situation. Because online classes offer more responsibility to both teacher and students, it also offers additional responsibility in completing assignments too. These assignments not only must happen on time, but they must also happen with utmost dedication. This is time we have to be motivated every day to accomplish even the smallest of the tasks.

Managing in Organizations

Writing assignments is not a difficult task. But considering the situation, the mind does not allow a student to do it. More importantly, he/she is finding it difficult to even adapt to online classes. Doing assignments at home and attending classes from home is just not easy. This is the period where the students tend to feel a lot of lazy to accomplish tasks. Nor that the teacher can be strict. Of course, one of the motivation factors is the score but while using the term points or score, it becomes a strictness. And anything that is done through force is not worth too. How do stay focussed and motivated to accomplish these assignments while at home? Considering the long run lockdown to go to school, these tips must be highly useful for you.

Practice Time Slotted Work: The obvious difficulty that you are facing nowadays is, Zero organisation towards time. When the school was functioning, it was a routine. You may have to wake up at a particular time, get ready and go to school after breakfast. Now life is treating us with all freedom. We can wake up whenever we want and also attend Online classes without even a bath. These behaviours must be curbed. For you to stay motivated in doing assignments, you must start working with time again. Set your routine as if you are going to school. Get ready for the day. Get dressed the proper way. Make your schedule for the entire day, ensure that you do not cram it with too much academics too. Allocate some time for leisure as well. Allocate time for assignments too. On doing this, you will complete a part or whole of your assignments for the week. It is the mindset shift that helps you stay motivated. Continue doing this for a week and it starts becoming your involuntary habit. 

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Categorise Assignments with Studies: This also falls under the perfect organisation of your work. just go through your schedule for the week. You might have quizzes, tests, classes. Allocate proper time for all and also sneak in assignment work every day. Do not add all the assignments for one day. Allot one hour or so every day so that you can finish the work in the chunk. The other way of doing this is, dividing the assignments throughout the week and finishing it one by one. Whichever suits you shall keep you inspired to do the next. Staying motivated lies in accomplishing tasks. Get it done as per the plan you have made for yourself. The top class categorisation can help save a lot of time in your life.

Goals and Priorities: This is a concrete step for your successful completion of assignments. Set the priorities in your life. It not necessarily is the academic area alone. You need to balance your life now and this period is a gift in disguise too. Set your goals for anything that you want to achieve. Balance it with the study areas too. The above schedule you have made must allocate time for these activities too. Do set goals for every task. It can be a milestone of success that you can cross every time you complete something. Have at least 10 goals for the week and complete them step by step in the week. Tell your parents about your goals and also discuss them with your friends. This act shall make you focussed on completing the task as you may not falter, because knowing that you have not completed you may be a point of mockery too. Ensure that you proclaim your act to all whom you know. And most importantly, follow that to avoid embarrassment. This step is important to stay motivated throughout the week. In fact, you will be the reason for others to stay motivated.

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Celebrate All your Successes: This step must happen on a daily basis. You must reward yourself with something whenever you complete a task. You have been working hard to accomplish a certain task, you must be kind to yourself too. Have fun with your friends in the evening. Treat yourself to a quick pizza or anything that you like. This act keeps your mind focused on doing the task regularly. Share the happiness with your friends and parents. because They are the ones who will truly appreciate you and your work. When you keep doing it on a daily basis, this becomes a part of your life. This becomes your routine and you are becoming an instant superstar which the world has never seen before. The most important gift that you are giving yourself is, you have kept your word in completing the task and that shall keep you motivated throughout.

Don’t be rigid: This is a suggestion for all. In this process of motivation, do not be rigid in your plans. This period is precarious and more importantly unprecedented. You may not know what can happen next. There may be sudden changes in your online class schedules. A relative drops at home and you are not able to do the task for that time. Reassess the situation once again and track where you are now to achieve the goal. Don’t be hard on yourself and waste the entire night. Be flexible, and easy. Stay confident that you can accomplish the task with ease. 

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Talk to Your People: This situation requires you to be opening your heart to people while you talk. choose some people in your life. It can be your parents, or your teacher or your best friend. Spend some time talking to them every day. It can be about how you feel about the day. It can also be a heart out chat as well. But ensure you do it so that you have the time to vent out your burden. Thank them once you have shared feelings with them and be genuine in doing it.

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There are many ways in the world that you can do your assignments. But nothing like doing it after our own research. It not only gives knowledge but also gives a sense of accomplishment. The motivation comes from action and there is no second thought about it. The actions can be right or wrong, but get it going. You cannot aim at a particular target and wait for a special day to fire. You must fire first to know whether you have aimed perfectly. All the best!!!

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