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Unit 501: Developing teaching, learning and assessment in education and training assignment

Presentation – 25%

You are requested to do deep research on the given topic and then create a word as well as a PowerPoint file to demonstrate your work. You’ll have to present your work to class within 15 minutes. For each topic you are requested to address the following major segments.

  • Describe only one theory (GOAL SETTING) related to this topic
  • Apply this theory to a leader or leadership team within an organization
  • Explain why this topic is important to leadership
  • Ensure the audience understands four key points related to this topic

It is any four points – you need to leave the audience remembering 4 important points about your presentation. You need to which 4 points are most important. This means you need to summarise what you say and find some way of checking that the audience have understood the presentation.

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