Crisis Communication Strategy

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Crisis communication deals with the status of the persons and the organization.  It is a proposal that focuses on shielding the association’s reputation and maintaining its civic image against diverse factors like government investigations, scandalous attacks, and media inquiry, capable of tarnishing its icon. Basing our discussion on Firestone Corporation, crisis communication is mainly the vital facet of internal and external organizational communication. This kind of communiqué ranges from image re-establishment campaigns to members of staff income.

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According to Roshan and Carr, “Crisis communication involves setting strategies that aid at shielding the company’s reputation and public image, enhancing employees’ safety, and ensuring that the clients or customers are not fed with the wrong information regarding the organization” (356). This essay addresses the Firestone Corporation’s image restoration, the crisis communication team, its goals, strategies used in crisis communication, and lastly, the possible crisis that may impact the Firestone organization.


The communication crisis focuses on providing precise, well-timed information to the aimed internal and external parties, safeguarding organizational amenities and resources by keeping the organization’s records and all business transactions. It also aims to provide proficient responses to emergencies, thoroughly inform stakeholders, and refurbish standard company functions. Lastly, the communication crisis concentrates on demonstrating concern for the well-being of lives and maintaining an optimistic image of the association as an excellent company (Feng 1-18). This helps the company maintain its reputation in the market and ensures that customers and staff are well protected. 

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 The crisis communication team creates and executes the largely emergency communiqué plan. The team members are given precise roles, for instance, establishing relations with local media members or assembling contact information from every employee. Depending on the company’s dimension, an emblematic risk communication team will comprise; the chief of public relations, the CEO, junior presidents and executives of key departments, the defence or safety officer, and corporation lawyers. The primary profession of the crisis communication team is to decide on a certified representative. 

The representative should be enormously well-informed regarding the association and be comfy in the facade of a media camera, with the aptitude to mission serene and instigate assurance. Also, the team chooses an inside communications executive (Cheng and Jui-Lee45). This personnel’s task is to enhance every employee and constituent’s safety, including vendors, customers, community leaders, and neighbours.   



 If any assail may threaten the Firestone company’s public image, then fortification and justification must be valued as the supreme priority. In the recent generation of the 21st century, technology has given access to an information cycle that operates in 24 hours and is also flooded with government investigators. Other sources of information comprise lawsuits, Journalism, and parliamentary hearings. The outcome of these is that the media might choose to devastate an organization’s capacity to respond to crisis demands defiantly.

Kiambi and  Shafer consent that, to maintain its public image, Firestone Company should closely analyze every move and respond effectively and timely with amusing confidence. Such tactics by a corporation require more than just the specific skills and experience from public relations. It calls for comprehensive understanding from areas, for instance, politics and exploratory exposure (134-136). Moreover, crisis communication can be done through convincing statements and exploration. The aptitude for rapid response involves an essential element during crisis communication.

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Additional strategies applied may comprise; the recruitment of third party allies who are able and credible and will expose the positive side of the Firestone corporation story. The association may also formulate procreative media that will outreach to deliver the message to the media platform. One of the chief strategies of these is the tradition of striking first and not waiting to be hit. It is imperative to keep in mind that the crisis communication plan’s improvement is vital to an organization and establishes a crisis management team comprising a spokesperson or representative.

The crisis communication management team may comprise the team leader and the leading executives, staff trustee’s representatives, and the volunteer representatives. Besides, communication is vital when formulating the management team as well as the executive council (Kiambi and  Shafer  127-148). The spokesman should be prepared to associate with the main allies and those directly involved with the Firestone Company. Also, the team leader should set communication goals that are achievable in advance.

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The goals to be set should aim to cease the Firestone Company’s problems, have the aptitude to protect its reputation, maintain its public image, uphold a commitment, enhance a good trend of information, and minimize employee’s tension. The fundamental objectives that should be noted for a health crisis communication approach comprise speedy, helpful, and competent responses. Lastly, a brilliant spokesperson should unearth effective solutions to permit their team to prepare, plan, and test their communication capability in crisis times. For effective crisis communication, the spokesperson should consider; fortifying competitive advantage and safeguarding relationships as the primary drivers.

Crisis scenarios

Na agrees that operating Firestone Company requires hard work and determination to garner clients’ rewards, profits, and contentment. Though achievement is the eventual aspiration, a business crisis might impede the organization from realizing its goals. When it comes to crisis management, there are steps the Firestone Company can implement, conversely. Here are the types of business crises that might impact the company (344-358).

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  • Economic crisis

The economy is relentlessly shifting as the markets oscillate.  Positive economic changes result in flourishing acquisition environments, whereas downbeat proceedings can lessen sales. The organization needs to examine differences and trends to discover and plan for a monetary recession, possibly. To work against an economic crisis, save as many funds as promising to uphold a sturdy cash flow. The company should also function by a slant budget with a stumpy fixed cost through all cost-effective cycles as part of your company’s crisis communication plan.

  • Compliance Crisis

Firestone organization owners experience loads of laws and policies to conform with. For instance, modern information fortification and compensation dealing out acquiescence could impact how the company deals with particular aspects of its function. Staying well versed in pertinent laws from national agencies such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and limited agencies can help lessen the acquiescence crisis.

  • Financial crisis

This company crisis can entail acclaim unmitigated to clients or the company’s liability load. Interest fee fluctuations can also be a menace. Creating modifications to the company’s plan will enable it to evade harming cash flow or making an unintended loss.  Firestone Company should keep liability to a minimum and generate a strategy that will lessen the arrears load. If the company depends on all of its income from one or two customers, its fiscal peril could be considerable if one or both no longer use the company’s products and services. Lastly, it should commence advertising its products and services to expand its base so the loss of one client won’t devastate the organization’s upshot. 

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  • Competition crisis

While a Firestone company might be alert that it must always encounter competition, it’s effortless to overlook what the competitors are offering to appeal to its clients. In this instance, the production crisis involves a corporation leader becoming so comfy with its accomplishment and the class quo that the company doesn’t search for ways to make constant improvements. Mounting antagonism joint with a reluctance to transform may outcome losing consumers. It’s also imperative to focus on the competition by frequently unearthing how they use the internet and public media channels.

  • Operational crisis

An operational crisis can ensue within, outside, or engross an amalgamation of factors. Something could suddenly take place that brings the company’s operation to an end. That unpredicted occasion might be an ordinary tragedy or fire that damages the company’s function. It may also engage a serious outage caused by technological troubles, a power cut, or people. Several operational crises are people-associated. For instance, a worker may make errors that outlay time and wealth.

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Whether it is a folk or progression breakdown, these operational crises can negatively impact the company in terms of capital, reputation, and time. The company should address each of these probably equipped crises through education and a production stability plan. Both strategies pave a mode to consider what might go erroneous and set up a support scheme or practical procedures to guarantee operations are not affected (Na 346).  For instance, many organizations utilize cloud storage to shield the organization’s information and depend on secluded squad members to uphold dealings. Automating numerous procedures also helps to diminish folk’s failures.

  • Reputation crisis

There is always a risk that a discontented client, negative press, product letdown or court case can unfavourably affect a company’s brand name reputation in the business field. Nevertheless, public media has augmented the velocity and extent of a reputation crisis. For instance,  one downbeat post or tweet can diminish a company’s clients following and cause profits to tumble. To get ready for this menace,  a company should control reputation management tactics to frequently scrutinize the things others say regarding the corporation on the internet and in the marketplace.

  • Security and Fraud crisis

Since many consumers use the internet and cell phone channels to convey private information, there are also excellent chances for hacking the info. New tales about information breaches, prove burglary and compensation fraud exemplify how this form of crisis is budding for commerce. Not only does this crisis affect trust and status, but a corporation is also monetarily answerable for any information breaches. To achieve effective communication crisis management, a company should concentrate on fraud uncovering tools, protection solutions, and worker and consumer tutoring to detect any possible fraud issues. 

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