Critical Analysis and Management Plan

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MGT1101 Assessment 2 Part 1

4000 word essay including case diagram/roadmap/infographic

Students will select a crisis situation or public issue within Australian sport. This can be pertaining to a sport, athlete or organisation but must be relevant to the last 9 months (since June 2016). Using relevant theory, analyse the situation and the way the organisation responded/reacted or should have responded/reacted. Your task is to provide a critical review and recommendations, aligned with theoretical bases or frameworks that use and extend those presented in the unit.

As part of the assessment:

  • Provide a description of the issue, including the way in which the organisation and key personnel approached and handled the issue and the media (include quotes, statements and communications as evidence where available). Include the impact of the issue and how it did or could affect key stakeholders (e.g., Government, Sponsors, Supporters etc.) (10 marks)
  • Within the framework of this paper there is a need to integrate and describe theory relevant to public relations practice including how the organisation applied (or did not apply) the theory. Journal articles, texts and articulation of relevant theory or frameworks is therefore an essential component of this piece. (10 marks)
  • Provide your analysis on how the issue/crisis was managed (a critical review of how effectively or ineffectively the organisation managed the situation) including recommendations (10 marks)
  • Include a diagrammatic roadmap (flow diagram or chart with discussion) which is aligned with theory and shows the actions to guide the organisation should this issue occur again (5 marks)
  • Presentation of the report including structure, clarity of writing and attention to detail will also be assessed (5 marks)
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