Critical Issues in Globalisation

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SASS Change Maker Research Dissertation Assignment


Exam duration: 16 hours
Recommended time to complete: 2 Hours

You must submit your answers in a single Word or PDF document via the Assessment Submission link, which will be open for 16 hours on the day of the assessment. You must submit in time.
Section A consists of two questions which are related to a case study.
This section is worth 50 marks.
Section B contains one question. This section is worth 50 marks.

The total number of questions in this paper is THREE. The total number of questions to be answered is THREE.
Total marks for the paper is 100.

Make sure you start each question on a new page and carefully identify your answers with the correct question number


Question 1
a) Like all internationalised organisations, Handelsbanken is facing the global-local dilemma. Discuss how this dilemma is handled in practice. What is done globally, and what is done locally? (25 marks)

b) How is Handelsbanken making sure that its culture is kept alive in an expanding organisation, and how can this culture be kept alive during further expansion? (25 marks)


Question 2
Multinational firms adopt different staffing policies such as ‘(1) ‘Ethnocentric’, (2) ‘Polycentric’, (3) ‘Geocentric’ and (4) ‘Regiocentric’. Explain each and critically discuss why an understanding of different staffing policies is of importance for a multinational company considering to conduct business internationally. Support your answer with examples. [50 marks]


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