CSSS1201 – Personal Statement

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Capstone Project

Being born to Vietnamese parents and in the land of the Czech Republic, I have the culture and tradition of both countries deep in me. This has assisted me in having a broad perspective of the cultures and the world as a whole. My well-educated parents, the path that they have shown me and the conduction of family business, has taught me the importance of hard work in life. 

Along with pursuing BTEC, a major business in the language of English, I have developed a sense of leading an independent life.  This can be considered to have developed in me right from my childhood by seeing my parents establishing our family business of club bad bar. By understanding the importance of hard work and an independent way of living, I have been giving efforts to live a self-sustainable and self-relying life by working in the field of network marketing and in a financial company.  I also have worked in our family club in order to help my parents in conducting the business. Throughout my student career, I have also gained the experience of working as a cook and a cashier on a part-time basis. 

Control Mechanism, Ethics, Police Officer Federal Liability and Impact of Community Policing Ideology 

I happened to have good and bad experiences in life which have made me learn some lessons. I got cheated on the internet in one instance when I was sent money regarding my apartment through MoneyGram for the deposit and key. I got trapped in the fraud transaction which forced me to stay in a hostel. On the contrary, the experience taught me to stay calm and persevere.  I consistently kept searching and making new contacts. It was after 1 week, I finally got an apartment at a reasonable price which was right in the centre of the city. The lesson that I learned from this experience was to be patient and not make any decisions in hurry. I learned to think twice before making any decision or doing something.

There are more opportunities for education and business that will provide me with broad scope for my future. Being an active person with hard-working nature, I will be able to lead an independent life in the United States. This will pave my way to my future of being a successful entrepreneur in life.  I am aiming at doing multi-level marketing that involves managing people which will enhance my management skills. I find myself to be suitable as I am good at consulting skills which will be very much helpful to deal with the customers, answering emails and calls. As I have part-time experience as being a cook, waiter, and cashier, I understand the value of money along with the organizational structure.  I have also gained experience as well as skills regarding effective accounting, communication skills, and managing teamwork. 

I have a great interest in the history and politics of the United States. I have the habit of watching and reading the news and having a good conversation with friends.  I am able to teach and translate Vietnamese and Czech languages in a proper way. I am very much interested in travelling, debating, participating in discussions, fashion, playing poker, art, architecture, history, and politics.

Business Law

Getting an in-depth education regarding business management at Pace University, New York will assist me in fulfilling my dreams in the US. 

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