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Essay Sample 2


The following project is a reflective report that is based on the understanding of the customer experience and its relevance in the organization’s strategy and overall success. In the following reflective report, the two organisations will be selected Wesfarmers Limited and Woolworths Limited and two different products or services of that organisation will be selected

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Introduction on experience and discussing at least 3 “touchpoints”

I have purchased consumer goods from two different supermarkets Wesfarmers Limited and Woolworths Limited. Below I am discussing my experiences during the process. 


Customer experience one

I made an online purchase of a consumer good from Wesfarmers Limited (touchpoint 1). I want to say it was a good experience. I was able to place the order easily and the product I wanted was available and the payment method was also easy (touchpoint 2). Further, the order was delivered really fast due to which I was able to use it when it was required (touchpoint 3). 

Customer experience two

Once I went to their retail outlet (touchpoint 1) where I was not able to find certain products (touchpoint 2) and I asked a salesman, I have seen he was not able to help me nor was he offering any solution (touchpoint 3). It was a bad experience. 

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Customer experience one

I went to the retail outlet of the company (touchpoint 1) and it was nicely organised. I was able to find a variety of products on the shelf (touchpoint 2) and the salesman was also helpful in finding the product I needed (touchpoint 3). 

Customer experience two 

I also made an online purchase from Woolworths where I faced many difficulties. First of all their website was slow which was my first touchpoint. Secondly, the product I was looking for was not available and different sizes were available, which was my second touchpoint. Lastly, when I ordered the product, it was delivered, which was my third touchpoint. Overall it was a bad experience. 

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Discussion on the thoughts/actions that has been taken during the customer journey

I shop online frequently due to which I know that the servers remain down sometimes; hence, I was prepared for it; however, the service of Wesfarmers Limited surprised me. After I ordered from there and it delivered early I was really happy and thought of purchasing from there again. Then again, I know sometimes products go out of stock and the customers have to wait for it, still, it was disappointing that the product I wanted was not available at Woolworths. 

Applying 3 CEM concepts/theories in the customer journey discussion

IDIC Model

Identify: Identifying the customer’s needs. 

Differentiate: Differentiating between the customer segment. 

Interact: Interacting with customers. 

Customise: Customising the customer experience (Nopsuwan, & Kheokao, 2020). 

Moments of Truth

Moment of truth takes place when a customer makes a decision regarding what has to be bought. It is conceded as an important decision in the customer journey (Herhausen et al., 2019). 


In a customer journey touchpoint refers to the moment a customer comes in contact with the brand of the company in any way (Wilson-Nash, Goode, & Currie, 2020)

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Use Proto-persona profiles to illustrate you relative to your customer experiences

A proto-persona is a general description of the targeted customers based on a particular product line. Proto-persona is changed according to the customer and it contains personal information of the customer for the shopping purpose. Proto-persona of an individual customer can be easily accessed by the related stakeholders and team members of the organisation (Kniejski & Bamidis, 2020). With the help of this, it becomes easy for the organisation to understand the customer’s requirements and choices, thus the organisation can produce more products according to the demand of the market. By prioritising the demanding products and regular customers it can be easy to save time in market research and reduce any uncertainty and risks regarding product wastage. Continuous updating of the proto-person profiles helps to develop an iterative approach of the organisation, by which the management team can easily develop an agile culture by comparing new facts and existing assumptions (Petsani et al., 2020). It also helps in developing new product lines so that it enhances customers’ experiences and meets their satisfaction level. 

Compare and contrast the two customer experiences and reflect, by providing examples

Customers who purchase cloth

Customer experience one

A customer has purchased cloth from an online platform. He also compared several products and several websites before purchasing the final product. According to his requirements and economic background he chose a product that is lower in price. After the delivery of the product, he is not happy regarding the quality of the product and does not buy again from an online platform. In this case, the customer chose the product according to the price and not quality, which resulted in a poor experience.

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 Customer experience two

On the other hand, another customer purchases a product according to the quality and does not compare it according to the price, which results in a high customer experience. 

Customers who purchase a gadget

Customer experience one

A customer aged 21 purchased a gadget from an online website. He is very much excited about this gadget and out of curiosity, he opens it immediately after delivery. Thought, at first he suffered much and was unable to use it, thus he took help from Youtube videos and became knowledgeable about the usage. After the use, the customer becomes very much satisfied and shares his experience with his friends and asks them to buy it. It is clear here that the desire to know something new helps the customer to be able to use it and have a good experience.

Customer experience two

On the other hand, a 68 years old customer purchased the same product but due to proper knowledge about the gadget, he does not know how to use it, which resulted in a low customer experience.

The economic background, generation gap, knowledge and desire make a huge change between two customers’ experiences. 

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Effective organisational strategies, like creating proto-person profiles of customers, help to meet the demand and satisfaction level of customers. It resulted in higher customer experiences and increased profit as well. However, the generation gap, perception differences, and requirement differences can easily hamper the satisfaction level of customers and result in a poor experience.

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