CW2 – Final Dissertation

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Your task is to write up your dissertation project with the guidance of your supervisor. This means presenting the dissertation in a conventional format (this will be organised into chapters, usually as follows:
– Introduction
– Literature Review
– Methodology
– Results/Discussion
– Conclusion
You should also include an Abstract, Table of Contents and of course a Reference list. Appendices may be necessary too – please discuss with your supervisor what should be included there. If there is anything that you do not understand about this assignment brief once you have read it fully, or you have any concerns about it, please contact the Module Leader immediately. Their name and contact details are at the top of this brief.

Additional Information
During this process you are entitled to 5 hours of supervision. Your supervisor can also review your work and offer guidance (no more than once for each chapter). Further guidance as well as sample dissertations with feedback are provided on AULA and in the Module Guide. There is also a dissertation template which you are encouraged to use for presenting your final dissertation.
Please ensure you use the following formatting and that you spell-check your work before submission:
– Arial size 12 font
– Double-spaced writing
– Chapters should start on a new page
Please also refer to the style/register guidelines in the dissertation template document.

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