DATA4500 – Social Media Analytics

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CPT – HRE 4M1 Ethical Issues in Our Society

Assessment Description
You are a tech consultant working for Ion Plus, a boutique tech consulting firm. Your firm has been approached by Grammerly Inc , a technology company developing digital writing and language tools using artificial intelligence, in particular, natural language processing. Grammerly’s use of deep learning algorithms, implemented through artificial neural networks, provide real time feedback in:
• Grammar corrections and spell checking.
• Tone and register detection.
• Proofreading and narrative tightening.
• Plagiarism detection.
Grammarly’s core use cases* are focused on document and email editing. Through machine learning and deep learning algorithms, Grammarly’s product offers grammar checking, spell checking, and plagiarism detection services along with suggestions about writing clarity, concision, vocabulary, delivery style, and tone. This is a lucrative market but it is beginning to show signs of saturation. To continue to grow the business, new ideas and new markets are required. Grammarly has engaged Ion Plus to help them break into the market for chatbots in customer
service and social media advertising. Grammerly already has a mature AI engine for formal language editing. A transition into chatbots and broader communication spectrums is commercially lucrative and allows Grammerly to leverage some of its established capabilities. You have been called to lead the project. Language expressed over social forums (including product reviews), social networks and customer service apps is unique. Text is often abbreviated, misspelt (sometimes deliberately) and augmented with other media elements such as images, emojis, sound clips and videos. In order to successfully disguise itself as humanistic, we need to see whether Grammarly’s AI chatbot can be taught to recognise and adjust social media speak using a ‘social media’ dictionary. The company’s goal is that once Grammarly’s ‘social media language’ AI has been sufficiently trained with this social media dictionary, it can be used to:
1. respond to social media posts and generate influence; and
2. respond intelligently to customer service enquiries.

Your task is to develop a report for the Board of Directors of Grammerly. The report needs to have an executive summary and a body addressing the below issues:
A) Discuss the value proposition of chatbots and outline the business opportunities that exist for Grammerly if they were to push ahead with developing a commercial prototype.
B) Describe the characteristics of a chatbot and how current AI capabilities can be adapted to develop a chatbot capable of mimicking human personalities in an online setting to achieve marketing objectives.
C) Identify and examine the commercial cases for adopting chatbots in customer service and discuss to what extent Grammerly’s existing AI capabilities can be leveraged to develop cost-effective chatbots to field FAQ’s and basic customer service enquires.
D) Recommend THREE specific actions Grammerly can take over the next 12 months to test the viability of developing and adding chatbots to their existing business.

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