DATA4600 Business Analytics Project Management

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HI6032 Leveraging IT for Business Advantage

Case Study Analysis

Your Task
• This assessment is to be done individually.
• A business project case study is provided below.
• You will be applying concepts related to the first four weeks of your subject to a business case study. You will also be discussing team inclusiveness and succession planning.
• Your case study report is to be submitted as a Microsoft word file via Turnitin
• LO1 and LO3

Assessment Description
Definition: Metaverse
A metaverse is a digital shared universe (virtual world) such that we can take on other identities or personalities or just work collaboratively with others.

Business case study: Virtual Concerts in the Metaverse
Abba recently worked with audio/visual effects company Industrial Light and Magic to create virtual copies of themselves who behave as they do, including dancing, eye movements and singing. Artificial intelligence algorithms were then used to make the members of ABBA young again. Thus making the members of Abba part of the Metaverse! Abba can now perform a virtual concert (Abba Voyage) somewhere physically in London, United
Kingdom. The fans managing to get a ticket to the concert will be able dress up and attend that concert.
Wouldn’t it be great if Australian audiences could enjoy virtual concerts too? Imagine that you have been asked to lead the following project. A small team of analytics specialists are to collaborate with the Industrial Light and Magic team in order to run many smaller concerts featuring Australian bands over the next two years. The virtual concerts would be set up in Australian rural locations.
The main aim of the project is to perform analytics to identify the best locations for the concerts, crowd capacity for each location and the bands that today’s fans are most likely to want to hear. Given this background, work through the questions in the case study instructions below. Case study Instructions 1. In a short paragraph, introduce the project and define the three business questions in your own words.  2. Set three relevant KPI’s for the project. These may or may not be directly related to the business questions, as they may be concerned with timelines, data collection and analyses. 3. Draw a potential business process flow chart for the project. 4. Write a paragraph describing how the waterfall project methodology could be applied to this project.
5. Write a paragraph describing how one of the newer Agile/Hybrid project methodologies (Scrum, Kanban,etc.) could be applied to this project.
6. Suggest why some of the methods may fail in this case and which method you would recommend as the best for the virtual concerts project.
7. Describe possible issues you may encounter as analytics meets project management. 8. Find at least five supporting references for your report. List the references in Harvard format. Structure your work as a report.


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