DATA6000 – Industry Research Project

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DATA6000 - Industry Research Project

In order to synthesise what you have learnt throughout you Analytics degree you need to submit an industry research report. This report needs to:
1. Outline a business industry problem that can be addressed through data analytics
2. Apply descriptive and predictive analytics techniques to the business problem
3. Provide recommendations addressing the business problem with reference to by data visualisations and outputs
4. Communicate these recommendations to a diverse audience made up of both analytics and business professionals within the report
The 10 highest performing students in the capstone project will be given an opportunity to apply for an IAPA student credential (see details below).

Assessment Instructions
In your report please follow the below structure.
1. Executive Summary
• Dot point summary of business problem and data-driven recommendations
2. Industry Problem
• Provide industry background
• Outline a contemporary business problem in this industry
• Argue why solving this problem is important to the industry
• Justify how data can be used to provide actionable insights and solutions

• Reflect on how the availability of data affected the business problem you eventually chose to address

3. Data processing and management
• Describe the data source and its relevance
• Outline the applicability of descriptive and predictive analytics techniques to this data
in the context of the business problem
• Briefly describe how the data was cleansed, prepared and mined (provide one
supporting file to demonstrate this process)
4. Data Analytics Methodology
• Describe the data analytics methodology and your rationale for choosing it
• Provide an Appendix with additional detail of the methodology
5. Visualisation and Evaluation of Results (300 words not including visuals)
• Visualise descriptive and predictive analytics insights
• Evaluate the significance of the visuals for addressing the business problem
• Reflect on the efficacy of the techniques/software used
6. Recommendations**
• Provide recommendations to address the business problem with reference to data
visualisations and outputs
• Effectively communicate the data insights to a diverse audience
• Reflect on the limitations of the data and analytics technique
• Evaluate the role of data analytics in addressing this business problem
• Suggest further data analytics techniques, technologies and plans which may address the business problem in the future
7. Data Ethics and Security
• Outline the privacy, legal, security and ethical considerations relevant to the data analysis
• Reflect on the accuracy and transparency of your visualisations
• Recommend how data ethics needs to be considered if using further analytics technologies and data to address this business problem

8. Self Reflection
• In your view, how has this project contributed to you satisfying the course learning outcomes for the KBS analytics program?
• Note: Your self-reflection section does not carry any marks. However, it must be completed in order for you to receive a grade for this assessment.

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