Dementia Care

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HI5003 Individual essay


Translating knowledge into practice underpins advanced practice. Developing leadership s******s and the ability to advance positive change is essential to improving current models of dementia care provision.

1. Conduct a literature review exploring the international and national evidence that relates to a person, service or care delivery model for dementia. Identify one of these models that you could, or would like to introduce into your workplace.

Drawing on this evidence and other relevant information write a proposal for the implementation of this model. This could include demographics, socio-cultural, environmental factors, and ethical considerations, and demonstrates your role leading this change.


There will be several ways you could develop your ideas and on what model of care (or part of a model of care or several parts of several models, or a service delivery model). If you are not sure then some keywords to start the research will be necessary however if you know the model you want to use or an area within a model that you want to embed in practice then your literature search will be more narrow.

You need to provide this as background to your proposal – why you want this model to be implemented – try and find some good research and literature that has tested the model in practice it could have been as a quality improvement initiative that supports your ideas.

Remember you want to be able to really sell your idea in the proposal and the background evidence is essential to do this. Somethi******** cost ********tiveness will also be useful if you can source this.. Also what population has the model been tested on – do you want to try it in another area?
Once you have explored your wide or narrow search you should write this up as introduction or background. Why is this important for the patients with dementia?

Your next section will be about the implementation phase-how are you going to do this, what is the evidence on how to do this effectively; what has been tested and proven successful what isn’t and how might you improve this in your proposal. There may not be a lot in this area – you might have to be creative in writing up this section.

The next section should be about change management process, quality improvement strategy are you going to utilise again using current literature around how to implement change in areas that you work in or the health sector in general. What has shown to be more effective than others? You need to describe in the proposal how you are going to do the change (you could you some slides to present this in).

Finally the concluding section will have some timelines etc. Try and have a look at some proposals or business cases that have been used in your workplace or use your research s******s to find some in the library resources.

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