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Design and Research – A Workbased Project


As required by the examiner, you must select any corporation of your choice in order to address the assignment requirement. It is however important to select an organisation where you will have access to a considerable amount of relevant and reliable sources of information which is helpful in the analysis.

Therefore, selection of an organisation from any of the following sectors is suggested; however you can choose any other sector, provided that you have access to sufficient information:

• Tobacco industry;
• Oil industry;
• Car industry;
• Domestic and personal electronics, including computing and mobile devices;
• High street retailer of food, clothes or electronics.

You are being asked to critically evaluate the corporate of your choosing, from the perspective(s) of business
ethics, corporate social responsibility and / or sustainability using two contrasting conceptual or theoretical


Once you have selected the applicable perspective(s) and the two contrasting approaches, you can start by defining and reviewing literature on the two approaches and start applying the theory to the selected issues / incidents faced by the organisation. It is important to focus on a particular issue of aspect of your corporation rather than the entire corporation.

There should be two separate analyses – one for each perspective.

There are lots of different conceptual / theoretical approaches you could use. Please click here to obtain a further idea on the approaches and perspectives covered in the module and core texts and reading material applicable.

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