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EB3803/BI3001 – Assessment One - Individual Report Samples

According to The Nation, segregation in schools is still rampant in most public schools and has caused some students to get unequal opportunities, which has undermined their future. New York City Mayor De Blasio suggested that the old system enhanced massive segregation. It was about time that the system underwent some changes to curb the problem. He has treated the segregation problem as a policy issue that requires some fixing (The Nation, 2018). One of the recommendations for fixing the segregation problem is creating a diversity enrollment program that promotes inclusivity. A recommendation suggested by a teacher was a way of tackling segregation by changing the school systems to accommodate children from diverse backgrounds (The Nation, 2018). The education system requires an integrated approach that ensures all learners are included regardless of their diverse backgrounds. In ensuring the desegregation of schools, District 15 has implemented various changes to promote integration in schools; the diversity plan has helped reduce segregation in schools. Children are allowed to rank the middle schools of their choice. The diversity program has also accommodated family preference; this has reflected on the entire district’s demographics. The program has created changes in the district. According to the article, De Blasio’s diversity plan will help in the desegregation agenda that parents and teachers have been demanding (The Nation, 2018).

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According to the education dive, most New York City schools continue to be segregated even within the many diverse cities. The population of most schools in the largest district is not comprised of the community it serves. Many public schools in New York do not reflect the local district’s demographics, such as District 15. There is a huge percentage of all schools’ unrepresentativeness: elementary school, middle school, and high school (Education Dive, 2020). According to the article, residential segregation was found worse at the elementary school level. The article indicates that segregation among school districts in New York is a problem; the students’ population has a huge percentage of racial segregation (Education Dive, 2020). Few districts have begun the integration process, such as District 15. It has implemented the district-wide diversity plan for middle schools, including children in welfare programs, temporary housing, and a low-income background. The diversity plan has created an opportunity for open admissions, which has prioritized learners from low-income families in the district (Education Dive, 2020). According to parents and teachers, the plan supports the education system to curb segregation by enabling learners’ inclusivity from diverse backgrounds.  

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