Develop a Public Facing Poster on a Nutrition Topic

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Strategic information system


Effective communication skills are core to many professional as they are regularly required to share complex messages with members of the public in a simple and easily accessible form. For this assessment you will be required to research and develop a public facing poster on a given nutrition topic.

The purpose of this task is to:

  1. Translate scientific evidence into a public facing healthy eating message
  2. Develop appropriate communication skills for a public audience

The unit learning outcomes assessed are:

LO 2: Apply the dietary requirements for the maintenance of growth, development and health across each stage of the lifespan;

LO 3: Elaborate on how the physical, biological, social, behavioural and environmental factors change the dietary requirements across the lifespan; and

LO 4: Critically review and evaluate the literature on health and diet across the lifespan, and justify their selection of scientific evidence to support nutrition solutions.


Poster, 3 minutes with questions (20%); Annotated bibliography to support content, approximately 4-5 references (800 words – 20%).


Poster presentation will take place in session 6; poster and annotated bibliography to be uploaded by 11.59 pm the evening before.


In session 1 you will be assigned a topic for your poster. Each poster presentation should last 3 minutes and you should be prepared to answer questions following it.  You will be penalised for going over time (5% per 30 seconds).

The poster to be developed is for display in public places such as medical clinics, schools and community centres; it is to promote a healthy eating message to the public. It should be evidence based with references presented in an annotated bibliography (APA style referencing), and support the Australian Dietary Guidelines and Australian Guide to Healthy Eating recommendations.

Your poster should…

  • be visually engaging, using appropriate graphics and text for the target audience
  • present a single, evidence-based nutrition message and accurate facts
  • provide a maximum of 3 practical actions that a member of the public could take to help improve their diet in relation to your topic
  • credible sources of further information or  where help can be obtained

Your 3 minute presentation should cover the following…

  • An introduction to the topic under consideration including why it is important
  • Rationale for your approach to the topic with reference to supporting evidence base
  • Rationale for layout/colour/images on the poster
  • Rationale for practical actions/ tips with reference to supporting evidence base

 All students are expected to attend and participate in the poster presentations and the question time.

Your annotated bibliography should cover the following…

  • A citation of the reference in APA Style
  • The aim or purpose of the evidence source eg, aims of original research /reviews, purpose of credible web-based sources (Australian Dietary Guidelines)
  • A summary of the content and a statement of the main points relating to…
    • the methodology used to meet the aim of the source material such as details of original studies, criterial for literature selection in reviews,
    • Main findings presented in the source material
    • Limitations of the source material such as biases, sample size or, lack of evidence, public facing material
  • Comments on how the source contributed to your poster and the usefulness of the information it provided

Each source annotation should be 150-200 words


  1. Search for credible, peer-reviewed literature and websites on the topic
  2. Synthesize the relevant literature and identify what is relevant to your poster;
  3. Source relevant images (be aware of copyright)
  4. Draft the poster using appropriate language and images
  5. Compile the annotated bibliography of the key references supporting your poster (APA style referencing). A library guide to annotated bibliography is available.  Additional information with a good example can be located 
  6. Edit the poster and annotated bibliography for consistency with the rubric


Submit your assessment in the Assessment 2: Poster by the due date.

The following are the criteria used in the Marking Rubric:

For the poster you will be marked on the following

  1. Organisation: Well-structured and coherent presentation of the material that is visually appealing and appropriate for the intended audience;
  2. Content: Relevant content that is evidence based (as demonstrated in the annotated bibliography); language use appropriate to the target audience; practical tips/actions provided are appropriately targeted
  3. Presentation, Knowledge and understanding: Presentation of poster content and justifications are clear and evidence based; response to questions are considered and reflect the evidence baser

For the annotated bibliography you will be marked on the following

  1. Use of relevant current evidence base to support the poster content;
  2. Referencing of evidence source is formatted in line with APA referencing style
  3. Concise summary of the aim, methodology, main findings, strengths and limitations, and the contribution to your poster.
  4. Well presented without spelling and grammatical errors.
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