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Individual Written Assessment – Understanding yourself as a leader

General Information

Further information about general assessment criteria, ARNA regulations, referencing and plagiarism can be found on the e-Learning Portal (Blackboard) site for the module. Students are advised to read and follow this information.

These components of the assessment are for the BI strand of the module with a total weighting of 50%. The assignment for this strand of the module (Business Intelligence – BI) is an individual report – further detail is below. The assignment is designed to allow students to demonstrate skills learnt in both strands of the module and to be delivered using methods commonly used in the workplace. Note: all components of the assessment must be attempted (component 3 are for BI).

Module Learning Outcomes (MLOs)
At the end of the module the student will:
1. Critically analyse and communicate complex issues effectively (BI Strand – assessed in this assignment) [MLO1]
2. Demonstrate decision making, problem solving and project management skills (BI Strand – assessed in this assignment) [MLO2]

Assessment Overview
Assignment (50% of module mark): Individual Assessment – This is an individual assignment (2000-word report). You have been appointed as a Business Analyst in charge of Newcastle United Football Club (FC) performance review. You are expected to submit a report that will critically appraise your chosen department or sector of Newcastle United FC by implementing and deploying a Business Intelligence/Data Analytics System (using Microsoft Excel and SAS).

Assignment 2 Brief (Individual – 50% of module mark) – [assessing MLO1 & MLO2]

This report should the following key elements:
1. An introduction to the problem/opportunity statement regarding Newcastle United FC [10%]
2. Theoretical framework to link problem/opportunity statement with business intelligence/data analytics system [20%]
3. Evidence of knowledge of key business intelligence/data analytics systems (MS Excel and SAS) [20%]
4. Critical analysis and justification of the effective and efficient use of the BI / DA system implemented (MS Excel and SAS) [20%]
5. A conclusion and recommendations for the successful implementation and use of a BI / DA solution in Newcastle United FC [20%]
6. Clarity of expression. The report must be supported by academic references and examples and include a single reference list [10%].

Your report should conform to the following specification:

  • Use the MS Excel template provided (insert all required worksheets, including dashboard and SAS report).
  • The assignment should be submitted electronically.
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