Dietary Analysis

Posted on March 10, 2022 by Cheapest Assignment

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MKT2011 AS2 Campaign Analysis (Resit Conditions)

After completion of my three-day dietary analysis, it shows that I still have a lot to work on to improve my health. The report suggests that I have to work on exercises and also diet. So many nutrients are lacking in my body according to the dietary report. Besides, I have a lower activity level. I aimed to lose at least 2lb each week with a BMI of 26.6. Currently am outside the normal BMI index and I should work on my activity level to fall within the required range of 18-25. According to the Actual vs Recommended Report, I need to lose weight. I need to exercise and work to monitor the types of food and beverages I take.

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The intake report of Actual vs Recommended has openly disclosed to me that I have unhealthy eating habits. The report shows me that my body is deficient in carbohydrates, iron, calcium, and even fibre. I consume a relatively high amount of fats and proteins but which still are below the recommended level of the report. I have also realized that I need to work on my saturated fat to maintain it at the moment because it falls within the range of the Actual vs recommended intake report. Besides, my trans-fat was recorded at 0.04g which is higher than the recommended report and so I need to work on minimizing it. Also, I recorded a total of 11 grams of saturated fat. According to MedlinePlus medical encyclopedia, for me to maintain my saturated fat level, I need to replace foods high in saturated and trans-fat such as palm, cheese, butter, red meat, and coconut oils with skinless chicken, olive oils, fish, canola, eating more vegetables and fruits, using nonfat milk and taking whole grains (n.d.).

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Additionally, I know from the report Actual vs Recommended, that my sugar level was too high. I recorded a total of 68g and actually, no sugar level should be present according to the recommended intake. Blake argues that crackers, cookies, doughnuts, cakes, and fried chips are all contributors to high sugar levels in our body systems. Now I know why I had a high sugar level, I’ve been making baked goods that have also high trans-fat leading to resultant impacts postulated. Sugar is noted by researchers to have so many adverse effects on a person’s health. First, it leads to hypertension, diabetes, and also a rise in insulin levels which threaten lives and even lead to death. I must therefore avoid at all costs consuming sugar-rich foods if I want to be healthy for a long time.

Fast foods are hazardous to health because they have high levels of sodium, trans fat, saturated fats, and sugars. In my diet, I had some of the fast foods which pose to my health and wellbeing. Lustig argues in his literature that, “those countries which adopted western foods which are highly processed have witnessed an upsurge of obesity”. So many people are now obese than there are malnourished.

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The dietary report also indicates that apart from overconsuming sugars, sodium and fats, I have a problem with my calcium intake, fibre, iron, and even vitamins. Most of these are below the recommended intake level. I rank worst in iron intake and according to the United States Department of Agriculture, I need to consume foods such as liver, nuts, beans, dried fruits, soya beans, and red meat. In improving my calcium level, I need to make cheese, milk, green leafy vegetables, fortified flour, okra, curly kales, cheese, and dairy foods. Fibre-rich foods that I should consume include, oatmeal, beans, barley, nuts, and fruits such as citrus, apples, berries, and pears. Furthermore, vitamin A-rich foods that I should consume from research involve eggs, fortified flour, milk, cheese, yogurt, oily fish, and fat spreads.

My Kcal intake level was recorded at 987 kcal against 1459 kcal of the recommended intake. This clearly shows that I had a low-calorie intake level. I need to eat more food rich in calories like proteins and carbohydrates. More chicken, red meat, pork, whole milk cheese, brown rice, potatoes, and whole-grain are vital for the provision of calories.

This assignment is really important to me because it has helped me learn a lot. I have learned the unhealthy eating habits I undertake and am working to resolve all of the bad habits. I have realized my sugar level, sodium, and fat level should be regulated if I want to fall within the normal BMI. Besides, I have learned that performing exercises is vital for the upgrade of my health. Through exercises, my heart can pump blood to the furthest body parts and also transport numerous rich nutrients to vital organs. I have also realized that I need to take foods rich in iron, calcium, vitamins, and fibre to help my body develop healthily.

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In conclusion, I need to be cautious of any diet I take into my body. I need to avoid fast foods because they contain high levels of saturated fats, sugars, trans-fat, and sodium.

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