DIM22101 Marketing and the Digital Context

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DIM22101 Marketing and the Digital Context

Project Brief
Digital marketing is a constantly evolving and expanding area across all sectors. The growth of social media has facilitated this, but
is not the only way that marketers have applied their marketing in the digital world. You will take traditional marketing methods
and apply them to digital throughout the module, using a wide range of case studies from multiple sectors. This shows that digital
marketing can and has been implemented universally.

Using a sector of your choice (e.g. photography studio, sports fashion, luxury hotels, personalised gifts etc), write a 2,500 word
marketing plan, imagining that you are a new brand attempting to compete within that sector. The marketing plan should
● Brief description of the business, its market and its environment
● A competitor analysis, demonstrating that you have identified and reflected on existing brands within the sector.
Incorporate a SWOT Analysis table and a brand positioning map.
● A breakdown, using the 7Ps (or 8Ps) of Digital Marketing, showing how you would utilise each of them to market your
● An audience segmentation, showing who you would target and a justification of why.
● Define your brand’s key marketing objectives and describe a marketing campaign that you’d run to achieve these
● Examples of content marketing which you could use to help buyers along the customer journey.
● Brief description of the brand’s approach towards ESG (Environment, Society, Governance)
You must use the provided structure.

Assessment and tutor feedback date

Students who miss the deadline or fail this project may be required to complete a retrieval project which demonstrates that the learning outcomes have been achieved. Students should be aware that retrieval submissions are capped at a bare pass grade, unless the extenuating circumstances panel uphold an evidenced application. The deadline for retrieval submissions will be determined at an Assessment Board

Module Learning Outcomes
1 Evaluate and reflect on existing marketing campaigns, with an understanding of the underlying techniques and
theories underpinning them.
2 Draft a marketing plan, outlining key concepts and frameworks with justification based on marketing theory.
3 Develop marketing ideas with a sound understanding of their social and environmental impact, and to act ethically
when designing and delivering content.
4 Begin to develop connections between marketing and wider business-related requirements and considering these
in line with market planning

Assessment Criteria
1 Ability to structure the paper coherently with a logical flow.
2 Ability to use relevant sources and information.
3 Ability to identify, consider and analyse important characteristics of a business and its key competitors in the
marketing context.
4 Demonstrate ideas around marketing techniques and present them in the form of a marketing plan.
5 Understand and apply social and environmental analysis techniques in the context of student’s own ideas.
6 Demonstrate an understanding of marketing theory through application within a specific sector.

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