Discussion Post – Social 20

Posted on June 1, 2022 by Cheapest Assignment

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Discussion Post - Social 20


Peacekeeping vs Peace-

Conduct research on one UN

peacekeeping or peace-
enforcement mission

conducted between 1956
and today. Some sources are
provided on the related
course content page and you
may use additional sources.
Your post must be based on
research. Cite your sources.
Put the name or acronym of
the mission in the subject
Post a message addressing
all of the following:
● Explain where and
when the mission
took place and a very
brief summary of the
conflict prior to the
● What was the
purpose or mandate
of the mission? Why
were UN peacekeepers or
national armed forces
● Explain whether this
was a peacekeeping or
mission. Was
peacebuilding or
peacemaking carried
out in tandem with
this mission? Support
your arguments.
Was the mission
successful? What is

your criteria to
determine success?
Support your
● Reply thoughtfully to the
● posts of other students. If
● you agree or disagree,
● explain why.
● Be sure to cite your sources.
● *Please see the detailed
● discussion descriptor on the
● course content page.

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