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NMH022-2 - Planning, Delivering and Coordinating Care across Agencies for People with Mental Health Problems

Module Leader: Daniel Phillips
Format: Essay
Any special requirements: All written work should be submitted on the Student Portal along with a Turnitin

Word Limit: 1,000 words – plus or minus 10% (not including reference list)

Deadline date for submission: 14 / 04 / – 2pm

Learning outcomes to be examined in this assessment: Produce a cohesive and coherent researched essay
Percentage of marks awarded for module This is assignment is worth 40% of the marks for the module
Assessment criteria: Explanatory comments: Maximum marks for each section:

Task Fulfilment
Relevant content, well-developed ideas and good organisation and structure
Use of Sources
A range of sources, integrated effectively and referenced using the Harvard system
Use of English
Accurate use and a wide range of grammar/vocabulary

This coursework requires you to write a 1,000 word essay. Choose ONE of the following titles:
B. Compare and contrast the secondary education system in England/the UK with that of ONE country of your choice.

1. Access the collection of sources related to the theme of ‘The UK Education System’ which can be found in the
‘Assignment Information’ section of the EAP 1 GSM Learn page, and read these in detail.
2. Choose another country and research information on its education system.
3. Develop an outline for your essay using the template provided (this is not assessed).
4. Write a 1,000 word essay comparing the education systems in the two countries.

The coursework should follow the structural requirements of a compare and contrast essay. This means you
have to include the following:

Introduction (including a thesis statement)
• Introduce the subject by giving some brief background information on the topic of education and/or the two
countries you are comparing.
• Write a short thesis statement explaining what you are going to do in the essay, identifying the main areas of
comparison, and, if possible, identifying your position (i.e. which system is better?).

Body paragraphs (3 – 4 paragraphs)
• Discuss their similarities and differences of the two education systems following a compare/contrast essay
• Analyse three areas such as the funding, organisation, and quality of each system (one paragraph each – start
with a clear topic sentence).
• Provide evidence and examples using the UK education booklet and your own research, and comment on the
implications for each country.

• Summarise the main points of your essay in one concluding paragraph.
• Include your own opinion as to which system is more effective.

Reference List
• List your references at the end in the appropriate format.

Do NOT include a contents page, pictures, graphs or subheadings in your essay.

• In order to write your essay you will need to do reading and research. You should use a range of sources
including books, journals, articles and websites. A minimum of three external sources is expected.
• You should familiarise yourself with the online library system ‘MyAthens’ early on in the course. This will help
you to find a city you are interested in and collect sources to integrate into your writing. You will need your
username and password which will have been emailed to you but which you can also obtain from library

• Throughout your essay you need to show evidence that you have researched the subject.

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