EDX1450 – Curriculum and Pedagogy in Health and Physical Education

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Hannah Arendt & theory applied to the climate change and human relations with the natural environment

Semester Assessment Overview
Summative Assessment: Two (2) summative assessment tasks related to course objectives and the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers are to be completed as part of the course requirements.

Assessment Task 1.
A. Rationalise the inclusion of HPE in the school curriculum through explaining the benefits for all dimensions of health and the importance of developing health and physical literacies
B. Create one lesson plan for HPE Movement and Physical Activity of 40 minutes duration using Traditional Indigenous Games from Australia for the body of the lesson.
C. Modification of one learning experience to ensure the inclusion of all students.
D. Explain how your lesson planning, ensures your lessons are inclusive and engaging and reduce the need for behaviour management interventions. (Chp 6 of the text will help)
E. Research and referencing and Academic Literacy

Assessment Task 2.
Short Response questions for the Health and Physical Education curriculum integrating one other learning area, cross curricular priorities and general capabilities.

Assessment Task 1:

Part A: Rationale – Extended written response.

Explain why Health and Physical Education is a compulsory learning area in the school curriculum for all Australian
school students from Foundation (Prep) to Year 10. Imagine your audience is the parent body of a class, OR the Principal and school administration team. You must convince your audience that Health and Physical Education is a
valued and essential part of any school curriculum. Use current, substantiating research evidence related to children
and adolescents’ health and wellbeing to support your claims. Advocate for the holistic nature of health and wellbeing and all the dimensions of health as well as the needs and interests of all students. The course text and the
Australian Curriculum will provide information that you should supplement with your own research. All research
sources must be correctly acknowledged both ‘in text’ and in a reference list. Stay positive – DO NOT mention
disease or illness (including overweight and obesity). Your rationale will demonstrate that you understand the
rationale, aims, philosophy and educative purpose of the Australian Curriculum Health and Physical Education.

Part B: Write one lesson plan to teach the Australian Curriculum HPE Movement and Physical Activity strand, using the template provided in the assessment folder on the study desk.

Requirements for the lesson plan

1. Fill in the headings in the template
a. Duration: The lesson is 40 minutes duration, excluding movement to and from the venue, and any ‘housekeeping’ such as roll marking and safety checks. These housekeeping matters should be completed outside the 40 minute timeframe and do not need to be acknowledged.
b. Select a year level from Prep (Foundation) to Year 10
2. Class: The class has 24 students
3. Curriculum: Curriculum must be selected from the Australian Curriculum HPE. Select ONE content description
and one elaboration.
4. Lesson focus – write a brief description of the lesson focus. The description should relate to the learning experiences and the curriculum you select. For example, your focus might be on cultural understanding in secondary while in Years P-6, your focus might be on co-operation, or relationships.
5. List learning objectives for the lesson: List a minimum of one and a maximum of two learning objectives for the lesson. These must relate to the curriculum you selected and what you plan for the students to be able to know, show or do by the end of lesson. The learning objectives are the intended outcomes of the learning. They clearly specify what the students will actually do that can be evidenced, observed or assessed as a result of the learning.


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