Effect of COVID-19 on Education

Posted on June 23, 2020 by Cheapest Assignment

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With a world-wide lockdown in progress, the most affected field among other major areas globally is the education sector. Affecting millions of students and giving a pause to many continuing studies dreams, coronavirus has devastating impacts on each and every one of us. As the economic crash has already overblown the warning horn, the education system, on the other hand, is suffering a stand-still without any working solution to bring it back to normal.

The schools, colleges, and universities are doing their best to still deliver students the best education they could. But many challenges like technical difficulties, mode of delivery, and the understanding absorbed by the students are still some of the many problems prevailing.

Effect of COVID-19 on Education

The affected education system in different countries


The largest number of international student population is here in the US. It is the most in-demand destination for foreign students for decades and provides one of the best education in the world with the presence of ivy league colleges. But topping the list with the highest affected cases in the world, the US is facing a lot of troubles in its education sector. Online classes are held but effective US education is having a hard time due to the outbreak.

Effect of COVID-19 on US Higher Education System


The recent favourite study destination among students after the USA is Canada. With quality education, Canada has gained popularity for its affordable tuition fees and living costs compared to other developed countries. COVID19 has Canada with complete lockdown and is affecting the admissions of the next intake severely.


The French educational institute’s campuses are closed from March 16th, 2020 due to the impact of the novel coronavirus. However, the online classes were effective since then. Since it is the summer break now in France universities, they remain closed as of now.

Italy and Spain

Initially, when the outbreak started, Italy and Spain suffered lakhs of cases of coronavirus. All the public gatherings, schools, universities, and public gatherings were immediately closed in March 2020. They are still in the recovering phase.

The UK

The UK has some of the oldest universities still standing tall. It is the home for the top-notch education system. However, it will see a great fall in its incoming foreign students for future intakes.


With national lockdown in place, the coronavirus cases are piling-up in hospitals every day. All schools and colleges are remaining closed and most of the institutions have started to follow online lectures. But, a new problem popped up, after a lot of students do not have appropriate technical support to connect to online classes.

European nations

Many European countries like Sweden and Germany have started to relax the lockdown imposed and started going back to normal life with precautions. The schools, colleges, and universities are open here with strict safety measures.

Adjusting with the coronavirus

Of course, COVID19 has some irreversible side effects we all will be encountering. But there must be a solution to every problem in this world. Regulating our daily lives with it can be the best possible solution as of now. The students all over the world can learn to use this time effectively to succeed.

Overcoming the challenges faced with online learning

Online lectures have become the mode of study after the outbreak of the pandemic. A lot of students are facing many issues with the understanding of the subjects and with doubts clarification. Students can make a list of doubts they are having neatly pointed out and compiled in a word document and communicate with professors over emails and phone calls to get their doubts clarified efficiently.

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Hygiene measures to be followed by institutions

Only after a thorough sanitization process, educational institutions like schools, colleges, universities, and the training facilities must be opened for in-class classroom sessions. These educational institutes can keep a track of students travel history in handy and check for the temperatures every day using the thermal monitors before making the student to enter into the campus. Hand washes and hand-sanitizers can be kept in every corner of the campus for the students to use.

Development of new apps and links for effective learning

Most of the institutions have dedicated student portals to access all the information regarding the course the student is undertaking. New links or apps to access course materials, textbooks, and assignment details can be created and uploaded there in a timely fashion for easy access of course details for students.

24/7 Chatbot for student queries

A special 24/7 chatbot can be made available for the students to post their queries which can be answered by their staff and faculties. This can be facilitated even for the university student cells that are available to help students in different areas like health, international student’s queries, study permits extensions or any doubt clarifications for that matter.

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