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To: All the human resources working at Data Solutions 

From: Mr.  T.Jones, Director 

Date:  24th March 2018

Subject: Requirements for strengthening the model of internal communication model in the organization 

Communication Audit Process 

Data Solutions is an organization that has been very productive due to the high efficiency of the employees. The communication audit of the entire organization presents the fact that the model of external communication of Data Solutions encompassing the promotion and operations of marketing has been very effective and robust (Apparaju, 2016). The audit has illustrated certain key issues that are present in the model of internal communication of the organization. This concern calls for attention to strengthening the overall communication model of Data Solutions. 

The primary purpose of the audit process of communication was the identification of the key issues that are required to be handled and resolved within the frameworks of internal communication. This includes the selection of suitable communication means, broadening the scope for the communication frameworks along with empowering the inter-organizational meetings (Ayob, 2017). The basic objective of the overall audit was to evaluate the model of communication of Data Solutions and gain effective comprehension of the effectiveness of the frameworks and processes of the external and internal communication as a whole. The overall model of the audit was conducted for the improvisation of the current communication of the software business of data management. 

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Identified issues associated with the model of internal communication 

The first problem that remains unidentified in the model of internal communication of the entire scenario is that the human resource does not happen to make choices regarding the suitable communication encompassing the conventional along with including or excluding the digital model for both the audience and the case (Hall, 2017). This kind of approach has significant implications for the interaction between the employees that happens within the premises of Data Solutions. This issue also has adverse implications on the profitability and productivity of the concern. 

The second issue which has been recognized in the audit process of communication presents that the internal communication network of Data Solutions is constrained and partly because of which certain departments or groups are ignored in the entire process (Holmes & Parker, 2017). There is an existence of a gap between the objectives of the organization and that of the departments which is the result of the limitations. The meetings between the organization which is organized in Data Solutions happen to be ignored assuming them to be ineffective.

These problems occur because of the ineffective and poor model of internal communication at Data Solutions. It poses implications on the technique of the communication along with having a detrimental effect on the overall organizational productivity as well as the contribution of the human resource of Data Solutions (Kataria, Kataria & Garg, 2013). The memo has been structured for addressing these problems associated with the internal communication in such as way that the processes of the internal communication can be conducted in an improved and more effective manner.

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Actions steps for resolving the problems 

As an organization, Data Solutions need to create awareness among the human resources of the digital and conventional models of communication like direct meetings, one–on–one interaction, message, and instant applications. The awareness of such kinds of tools of communication would assist in the selection of the most appropriate and feasible approach for the setting of internal work (Kaul, 2014). This kind of approach would assist the human resource in getting familiar with the available models of communication which can be implemented by them for interacting in Data Solutions.

The scope of the organization network for internal communication can be broadened by ensuring that all the groups and every department in Data Solutions are engaged in the model and communication. Hence, the decision-makers and managers of all the departments need to engage their subordinates in the model of communication for strengthening the information flow (Kernbach, Eppler & Bresciani, 2015).  This would assure that the network of communication is absolute and holistic in approach. The engagement of all the groups and departments in Data Solutions is the resolution that would assure every department is involved in the same aspect and the individual aims are in orientation with the objectives of the organization. 

For strengthening the meetings between various organizations which are organized in Data Solutions, the management needs to ensure that all the departments and teams are engaged in the entire process (Manning, et al., 2013). This approach would ensure that all the engaged departments and groups are aware of the responsibilities and roles that have towards the internal frameworks of the organization. This approach would enhance the efficiency of the engaged departments which would result in efficient information and data flow among all the members of the meeting.  

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Need for an effective model of communication 

The model of internal communication requires to be enhanced to upgrade the overall engagement in Data Solutions throughout the entire process. Effective communication in business is considered to be a compulsory requirement for making the organization developed and highly effective (Moshiri & Cardon, 2014). The techniques of communication that are illustrated in the memo would assist in resolving the identified issues. 

The basic aim of the memo is to illustrate the key issues of the internal communication which have been recognized in the overall audit process. Recommendations of strategic models for assisting the organization in eradicating the issues associated with communication (Zheltukhina, et al., 2017). The organizations need to make efforts regarding strengthening the internal model of communication and orient it with the standards of the external approach to communication in such a way that the productivity and effectiveness of software companies dealing with data management could gain enhancement in the entire process. 


Every member of Data Solutions relating to all management levels such as the bottom, middle, and top management needs to get engaged in the overall process which would improve the effectiveness and functionality of the internal communication. This would result in favorable implications for the internal communication along with enhancing the productivity of the departments as well as the teams along with the organization as a whole. 

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