eLearning – How Important it is in the Lockdown

Posted on July 14, 2020 by Cheapest Assignment

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The COVID-19 has spread its wings of disruption in various fields. With the education sector changing its strategies in imparting development cycles through a systematic learning process, there is a need for everyone to understand the importance of e-learning too. That too, in this juncture, the online mode of teaching is considered worthwhile. Though many people think this as a stop-gap arrangement, it has its advantages over the traditional teaching methodologies. Flexibility is the most talked-about aspect, more factors add up to the importance of e-learning. Let us take a look at the prime ones.

eLearning – How Important it is in the Lockdown

Universities in the UK have developed streamlined strategies to overcome the effects of COVID-19 in the field of education. The prime stakeholders being teachers and students, parents also play a vital part in it. Moreover, the students’ inclination to learn and upgrade their skills is only through online mode of education. E-learning is of prime importance in bringing a collective change in the students’ career too.

Ease of Access: The traditional teaching aspects require the students to reach to the college, and the lecturers shall impart knowledge. In this mode, the accessibility is virtual, but the knowledge imparted is the same. It is very easy for the students to access it; all you require is a proper internet connection and a laptop or a cellphone. This becomes an important factor because the students can learn at their pace. They can learn and re-learn at their convenience too.

Pocket Friendly: Though the situation is precarious, the courses available online are plenty. More evidently, the prices have been slashed because of the pandemic. Further, this is used to attract more sales, the students can readily make use of this opportunity to upgrade their skills sets by spending less.

Courses Available Round the Clock: The marketing strategies used by the online course deliverers cater to the advantage of the students. The courses can be conveniently learned at any time. The students can fix their time slot as per their availability and learn at their pace.

Effect of COVID-19 on Education

Customized learning: This is the best part about e-learning. Unlike the conservative methods, e-learning can offer students to select the course of their choice. More importantly, the course can be customized for their preference. Many e-learning portals offer customized coaching and also have a specific facilitator too. The one-to-one interaction can be very effective in this juncture.

Individual Attention: This is emphatic. E-learning is the best mode to seek individual attention. Many courses come with projects and the projects can be executed with the help of a specific facilitator. In this regard, the student gets to work real-time with the guide and complete the project successfully.

Well managed Time: A student can easily fix his time for the day to complete all his commitments. He might have online classes from the college. He might as well have assignment work too. He can easily fix his time to learn effectively. This not only brings routine in his life but also adds value to his skill sets.

Stay Home: This is the global need. E-learning is a gift in disguise, A student can learn by staying at home. There is no need for him to commute anywhere, thereby staying safe in this scenario. The worry about getting tired travelling is also avoided.

Effect of Lockdown on Students’ Mental Health

With E-learning taking a bigger step towards comprehensive set up, the huge change that it can bring is the connection between people. Though the mode is virtual, the connect with people worldwide is highly possible. People from many parts of the world can chip in to offer knowledge to the students. The knowledge shall expand in every aspect of professional life.

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