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Science Part 

Biotic factors: are the living organisms of the ecosystem. It comprises plants, bacteria, animals, protists and fungi. 

A-biotic factors: are non-living organisms of the ecosystem. It mainly comprises air, water, minerals, soils, sunlight and temperature.

Habitat: It is an environment in which specific species of organisms subsists. For instance: shelter, food and protection (Alsumaiti et al. 2017)

Invasive species: Such species are those that do not belong to native circumstances and tends to spread from the introduction point to getting transformed into new environmental circumstances. 

Biotic factors such as the diversity of the consumers and the presence of self-nourishing organisms possess a significant impact on the entire ecosystem. On the other hand, a-biotic factors develop restrictions on population growth.  

Besides this, invasive species are capable of causing the eradication of native animals and plants for reducing biodiversity and competing with the native entity for limited resources as well as changing habitats. This results in creating a significant impact on fundamental disruptions of great and coastal lake ecosystems.  

UAE offers a wide range of habitats for wildlife creatures comprising offshore islands, mudflats, coastal areas, salt pans, mangrove areas, slopes of the mountain, sand dunes, rocky summits and wadis. Besides this, due to varied terrain, a large number of species of animals and plants can significantly be expected in this small nation respectively (Burt & Bartholomew, 2019) 

Math Parts 

In the case of offshore islands, there are around 2, 00,000 species of birds. However, such species are under the threat due to the presence of fishermen. Moreover, in mudflats, there are around 2, 50,000 waders that are found to visit the gulf shores. Besides this, a wide variety of flora is found in coastal regions, rocky areas and mountain slopes respectively (Howarth et al, 2019)

The numerical expression that depicts the connection of living things with the habitat of the UAE is:

Living beings are directly proportional to the habitat of the UAE. 

This implies that the habitats are developed in such a way that makes it favourable for the birds, and the groundwater rose to visit the lake significantly. Besides this, the habitats are also pollution-free which enhances the living organisms to maintain balance in the ecosystem, where most of the birds are able to pollinate which on the other hand creates comfort for the animals to consume fruit (Mateos-Molina et al. 2020)

On the other hand, the habitat of the UAE reduces the extinction of animals which enhances the long-term survival of the living beings successfully. 

English Section

  1. a) The title of this section is “Impact of the habitat of the UAE on the natural ecosystem.”
  2. b) Introduction

The government of environment and climate change launched a national project named “Natural wonders of UAE” for creating awareness among the public regarding enhancing the protection of the ecosystems and reserves of the UAE. The natural environment of UAE is sub-divided into three significant varieties of the ecosystem such as marine and coastal ecosystem, desert ecosystem and marine ecosystem. 

  1. c) Assistance provided by the government of the UAE to save the ecosystem

With the help of collaboration with various private organizations and implementing legislation and policies, developing improvements towards enhancing sustainability and reducing dumping wastes material directly into the sea. By developing these mitigation measures, the government of the UAE has been able to enhance protection to the ecosystem of its nation, respectively (Burt & Bartholomew, 2019)

  1. d) Conclusion

From the above study, it can be concluded that it is necessary on the part of the government to undertake various ways by which the ecosystems can be saved. In this way, the extinction of flora and fauna will decrease respectively. 

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