ENEG20001 Reflection Writing

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ENEG20001 Reflection Writing

ENEG20001 Australian Engineering Practice

Reflection on Learning Outcomes 6 and 7

The assessment for this unit is 100% Individual Portfolio. Please make sure you have familiarised yourself with the Portfolio Assessment Criteria. You are required to provide evidence of your attainment of the Learning Outcomes for the unit. This formative assessment item will assist you to meet the criteria for Learning Outcomes 6 and 7.

Public Health in Australia

  1. Lead or participate collaboratively in a team.

    a. As you have read through the textbook and worked on the project this term, in what new ways do you now see collaboration? What skills are easy for you? (You may want to use some examples, e.g., you might have captained a sporting team.) What skills do you now realise you are still developing? How important have you found collaboration in your team project? What’s worked well for you? What has been frustrating?

    ENEG20001 Reflection Writing

    b. Write briefly about a situation where you have had to instruct someone. This might be in the workplace or on a sporting team or another situation. How easy was that process? What were the difficulties?

  2. Demonstrate critical self-review, self-management and lifelong learning.

    a. Summarise key changes that you believe you would need to make to your work behaviours to be a more effective engineer in your country or in another country where you might be doing engineering.

    b. In order to effectively manage a project, you also need to effectively manage your own time. How effective do you believe you are at managing your time? What are your best and worst behaviours in terms of time management?

    c. Draft a plan for your career. What kinds of companies do you want to work for? What kinds of work do you want to do? What skills will you need? How might you go about developing the skills you need but don’t yet have?

Critical Analysis of a Current HRM Issue

Feedback criteria




1. Reflection Reflection shows student has considered ‘What, So what, What else, What now’
2. Concepts Shows good understanding of concepts as presented in the textbook.
3. Presentation and language Neatly presented with appropriate headings.

Language, grammar and spelling are suitable.

The intent of the writing is clear. Sentences flow logically.

4. Referencing Includes in-text citations and reference list where appropriate, including referencing textbook.

Any sources used are reliable.

Harvard referencing style is used.


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