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Strategic Human Resource Management Sample

Question 1 (Essay) 

Write an essay of about 1000 words in response to only ONE (01) of the following questions:

a) Do you think King Oedipus is relevant to the contemporary world? Explain your answer by discussing if the techniques Sophocles utilises in his play resonate with the present.
b) Do you consider King Oedipus a tragedy? Illustrate your answer by examining the tragic in relation to the issue of determinism and agency.
c) In your view, how is heroism presented in the play? Discuss who or what may be considered heroic and show how these may relate to other issues Sophocles may have wanted to raise in the play.
d) In your opinion, what does King Oedipus say about truth and the pursuit of knowledge? Identify and elaborate on the characters’ motivations and show how they affect our engagement with the play’s larger themes.

Guidance Notes

1. Remember to indicate which question you have chosen: a, b, c or d.
2. Your answer should be a properly structured essay, with appropriate introduction, conclusion, and organised paragraphs.
3. Your answer should respond directly to the question of your choice, and not be a mere re-telling of the plot or story – your marker will already know the story very well.

As attached is the relevant information for the assignment.

Pointers from my lecturer:

– The whole essay revolve around one main point

– Keep support your main point

– Do not need to come out with any other sub-points

– If your main point is 10 words. Keep supporting it to 1000 words.

– Make it sound as convincing as possible.

As for language wise, just hope for a simple and easy to understand essay.

Citation will be in APA format.

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