English for Academic Purpose

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English for Academic Purpose

Part A (80%) 

There will be 5 paragraphs of this assignment.

P.1 –  Introduction end with a thesis statement

P.2  –  Ideas related to the thesis statement.

p.3 –  again ideas related to the thesis statement

p.4  again ideas related to the thesis statement.

p.5  at the last the conlusion.

In P.2,P.3,P.4 There should be arguments and investigations with ideas. These arguments and investigation should be in each three paragraphs.

And please check the marking criteria below to make the slides perfect.

English for Academic Purpose

You are to form a team consisting of four (4) students during your first class. The topic for the presentation is below.

‘What are the consequences of plagiarism in tertiary education, and how can plagiarism be minimized?’

The oral presentation will be held during class time. This is a formal presentation, with PowerPoint (or other presentation technologies) being used to support your team’s presentation.

Outline: To complete this task your team will need to address the following:

  1. You should clearly define the issue of plagiarism. What constitutes plagiarism in tertiary education?
  2. You should include a rationale – why is this topic significant?
  3. You should consider the consequences of plagiarism. What are the direct consequences for a student who plagiarises and what might be the indirect consequences? What does the research say about this issue?
  4. Consider from multiple perspectives how plagiarism might be minimized?
  5. Who might benefit from your research? Explain why they might benefit from your research?
  6. What resources might you use?

Part B (20%)

You should respond to at least one other team’s presentation by asking appropriate and critical questions on their presentation. You may be allocated the team to whom you should respond. The discussion should not exceed 10 minutes.

In this part, you required to come up with atleast 5 question related to this topic, you have to write down these five question at the end of this assignment before references


When working in business-related fields, you will often be required to conduct presentations at seminars, forums, meetings and conferences. This assessment task is designed to help you prepare for this event. This assessment task is provided to help you build self-esteem and self-confidence, in preparation for workplace presentation situations.

This assessment addresses the following subject learning objectives.

LO2 – be able to develop an effective academic argument based on information gained from a range of sources, 
LO4 – be able to develop speaking and listening communication skills; 
LO5 – be able to apply their communication skills to debate differing points of view using verbal and non-verbal communication methods.

Marking criteria

All team members will receive the same mark. It is the team’s responsibility to ensure an equitable distribution of work and very clear guidelines for all in the team are followed. I will provide advice on effective teamwork during the first class. In extreme cases, I may decide to award a team member a different mark.


For this assessment APA referencing format is required. For guidance in the use of this referencing please see the CSU Referencing website at http://student.csu.edu.au/study/referencing-at-csu or Academic Reference Tool: https://apps.csu.edu.au/reftool/

The presentation document is to be submitted via turnitin prior to the day of the presentation. The document should evidence of substantial collaboration outside of class (e.g., a group developed assessment/research Plan). Individual components are to indicate student name and indication of work undertaken within the team project.

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