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Unit 16: Managing Communications, Knowledge and Information

Equipment needed to collect and press the plant specimens in the field study; and their respective uses.
Different equipment is used in the fieldwork sample collection procedure including collection, mounting, identifying, pressing, drying and storing the specimens. Some of the equipment necessary for gathering the plant samples are: A portable altimeter for measuring the altitude of the area, A magnifying lens to magnify any small plant specimens a field book to record the collected plant specimens A hand saw is necessary for trimming branches off the specimens Secateurs are necessary for cutting through hard branches of woody plants Waterproof labels to mark the plant specimens and the collecting bags Bags of different sizes to carry the collected plant specimens Pencils or pens to record the collected samples in the field book and in labelling samples A stone hammer to reach plants within rock cracks and a shovel to dig up soil or snow.

A Strategy for the Next Growth Cycle

Safety equipment such as protective glasses, first aid kit, warm clothing, closed shoes, long pants and hand gloves are required to cope with harsh climate conditions or accidents. Neutral glue is used for mounting the plant samples while ridged cardboard is used to isolate woody samples from the frail ones.
A field press is used for withdrawing moisture from the samples in a short time. The plant material that remains is structurally similar to the original plant and is easy to fix on herbarium paper. Portable mini-dryers are used to dry the samples.

Self-Efficacy and Its Influence

Archival genus covers manufactured from acid-free material are used for sorting the collected plant specimens Small boxes are necessary for carrying lichen specimens while Mounting paper is used for fixing the collected plant specimens. Dissection kits are necessary for laying open plant specimens that are too thick to be pressed down. The kit consists of forceps, scalpels, slides, distilled water bottle, portable microscope and coverslips. Strong straps are required to press the plant specimens.

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