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Sustainable Management Futures Assignment

Right from the beginning of the semester, I could observe that my writing skills could be rated as average as I have a good sense of making use of good English in my writings. I had a clear understanding of the fact that no matter how good I might be in other academic fields, having a proper and structured English writing skills is a mandatory aspect for me in any future endeavor.  At the beginning of my semester, I was able to present my writings with a more expressive tone.  Presenting current and valuable facts with good use of the English language was very convenient for forming me. However, making a structured and gradually evolving setup of the essay and much other writing was missing and still had to be worked on. Despite presenting a good outline of the topic that was assigned, I was able to present the writings with many relevant and real data throughout the essay. Another aspect that my writings usually missed was the presentation of the matter on a priority level.  

Validating and Testing Computer Forensics Tools and Evidence

The writings and the essays that I was working on could be better if I could present the facts on a prioritized basis. That could assist me in gaining a more structured format for the essay. This could assist the readers in understanding the concept that I wanted to present more comprehensively. With due course of time and with consistent practice on various subjects I was able to gain the idea of better expression through writing. With an innate ability to express reviews and facts, I could understand the tone in which different types of essays and writings need to be presented as per the requirements.  I was able to make a better analysis of the subjects from a critical angle that helped me and the readers in assessing and evaluating various aspects in a much better way. For example, if the essay is of Chinese style and it will be difficult for other people to understand and make some points out of it.

With the advancement in studies through semesters, I was able to make better reviews as well as gain a better sense of vocabulary in my writings.  My writings, especially essays could be formed in a more organized manner and an in-depth manner. I could achieve better structure to my essays by making a proper schedule for looking for resources, studying them, and making various approaches to critically analyze them.  


Making proper planning regarding the structure of the essay could help in gaining better control over the flow of expression and facts altogether. During my initial semester, I was not able to make judgments regarding which resource to use for being able to present the essay in a more factual and relevant manner. Through continuous and regular use, I was able to gain comprehension regarding the most effective resources for making the essay more informative as well as expressive. Through regular writing practice of the essays, I could gain the ability to interpret diagrams and charts and present the information in the charts through my writings which made the presentation of my essay more informative

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