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For an organisation of your choice, this essay (with a word limit 1 of 3,000 words) will critically examine the theoretical basis of export marketing from the initiation of exporting, as the intended market entry mode, through to the implementation of export marketing activity. Throughout this critical examination of the stages and activities within export marketing, the application of the theory could provide the basis for a subsequent export marketing plan.

In selecting your organisation, there is flexibility as to what context you structure your theoretical application within. Firstly, your critical examination may be structured around an organisation that already exports. If so, the focus of your discussion will centre on a critique of the existing marketing practice and how it could be enhanced. In contrast, your critical examination could be structured on how an organisation could export in the future and, as
such, your discussion would focus on how this could be best achieved. Finally, if identifying either an existing or prospective exporter is not practical, your essay could be structured around an organisational scenario from a particular market sector where a home country firm is looking to export to a host country. If so, the discussion would focus on how this organisation could export in the future.

‘The word limit does not include tables/figures/appendices/references. Regardless of whether the essay is based around an existing exporter, prospective exporter or else a scenario of a future exporter, it should be restricted to one organisation in order to allow for continuity.

In detail, the essay should be structured on the following:

Provide a critical analysis of the factors that have motivated, or else could motivate, the firm to initiate exporting as the chosen market entry mode.

Critically examine whether the firm was, or else is, in a state of readiness for exporting with this incorporating a review of its current or else future strategic exporting goals.

Through making theoretical comparisons, discuss the suitability and application of the market selection process that was applied or else could be applied.

Provide a rationalisation as to the appropriateness of the chosen export mode, whether indirect/direct/co-operative, together with an overview as to how strategic relationships can be best managed

Critically evaluate the strategic logic together with operational application of the export marketing mix.

For your organisation, outline how export operations, in the context of ordering and finance, can be best managed OR discuss how your organisation could utilise export promotion assistance.


Title page (indicating word count without references)
Abstract: 200-250 words
Export Motives
Export Readiness and Export Goals
Export Market Selection
Export Mode and Strategic Relationships
Export Marketing Mix
Export Operations/Export Promotion Assistance
Please note students must use the plagiarism software ‘Turnitin’ in advance of the submission of their assignment.

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