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Comparison of MS project and Zoho Projects

The Microsoft project is one of the applications that have been extensively used for the purpose of project management. This app allows the user to enter the work and assign resources to the same. There are several benefits in using MS project and the same can be described below:

  1. Critical Path

MS Project allows users to draw the critical paths that can be used to find out the minimum time taken to complete the project. 

Limitation: The estimation of the work time allows users to find out the minimum time and in the real world, it has been seen that we end up estimating the wrong time of completion. 

  1. Gantt Chart

The second benefit of the MS project is that it allows users to map the calendar date with the task and thus allows user to draw curves and modify the same as per the user requirement. 

Limitation: This is not able to show the task dependencies. 

  1. Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT)

This feature is useful in cases where the task are not very clear. 

Limitation: here, we calculate the average value for each task. Thus, entire project becomes the average value. 

  1. Work Breakdown structure 

This feature allows user to break the entire project into smaller parts thus allowing better time and cost estimation. 

Limitation: The break sometimes results in overlapping of the tasks. 

Benefits and limitations of Zoho projects. 

Zoho Projects is one of the new entrants in this industry and has been quickly able to garner market share. The reason for the same can be attributed to many good features that it has incorporated. 

Some of the good features are as follows:

  1. The project has a very user-friendly interface. It has easy access to report as well as has nice graphics.
  2. The platform is very easy to learn and it can easily adapt to the business need. It is equally good for individuals. 
  3. The time tracking is very easy here and it allows easy switching of tasks. The ability to move between projects and things is one of the most commendable features.
  4. The platform has provided plenty of configuration. It also has plenty of features such as Live Chat. It also provides mail integration.
  5. It has also able to develop mobile apps and there is seamless integration there.
  6. It also has bug tracking to ensure a seamless experience to the users.  

Cons of Zoho Projects 

  1. There is no privacy for clients from the user. 
  2. There is less automation and there are no notification 
  3. There is very little agile solution on this plate form and one needs to use Zoho solutions.

      In the end, we can see that there are pros and cons to both the software. Zoho has been able to take advantage of the Live Chat feature which is not there in the MS project hence the user has easy accessibility to get their problem resolved (Bennett, 1996).


Role of Project Manager in implementing the project 

Extensively Used For The Purpose Of The Project Management

The role of manager can be described as below:

Plan: The first role that project manager has played in my project is to plan the entire project. The same is one of the most important jobs of the project manager. The project manager has used software such as MS project in order to plan it. The plan has been created by identifying all the activities as well as the resource required for the same. This allows the cost and duration estimation for the entire project (Culp, 1992).

The detailed roles can be described below:

  1. Arranging and Defining Scope 
  2. Movement Planning and Sequencing 
  3. Asset Planning 
  4. Creating Schedules 
  5. Time Estimating 
  6. Cost Estimating 
  7. Building up a Budget 
  8. Documentation 
  9. Making Charts and Schedules 
  10. Hazard Analysis 
  11. Overseeing Risks and Issues 
  12. Observing and Reporting Progress 
  13. Group Leadership 
  14. Vital Influencing 
  15. Business Partnering 
  16. Working with Vendors 
  17. Adaptability, Interoperability and Portability Analysis 
  18. Controlling Quality 
  19. Advantages Realization

A project team is individuals put together to get a goal. Their motivation is to perform a selected enterprise task or objective. The task groups may be made on a transitory premise or for a protracted length. The term can go from seven days to a couple of years. Those proficient human beings may be either from various beneficial zones or a comparative one. Further, a business enterprise could make a set out of the current representatives or can employ new people to address the venture. A project administrator is likewise a crucial piece of the Project institution. The institution and the manager all in all together upload to the accomplishment of the task. Supply us now a chance to take a gander at the obligations of the project supervisor taken after via the ones of the colleagues.

The project manager needs to have a combination of aptitudes which include a capability to make infiltrating inquiries, identify implicit suspicions and remedy clashes, and in addition extra vast administration capabilities. 

Key amongst an assignment chief’s responsibilities is the acknowledgment that chance mainly affects the opportunity of achievement and that this danger must be both formally and casually predicted at some point in the lifetime of an assignment. 

Dangers emerge from vulnerability, and the fruitful mission manager is the person that centers on this as their essential difficulty. Most of the people of the problems that impact a mission result in some way from danger. A first-rate Project administrator can diminish hazard altogether, frequently by using clinging to a technique of open correspondence, making certain each noteworthy member has a chance to express issues. 

A Project manager is a person who is in the price of figuring out, each massive and little. The Project leader needs to make sure they manipulate danger and limit vulnerability. Every choice the Project supervisor affects ought to especially earnings their undertaking.


Bruce Tuckman’s 5 stages of development model can be applied as a team-building concept 

The main segment of organization improvement is framing, which is a ton like an advent day at faculty or every other hobby. you can even evaluate it by going out on a first date. 

The organization has lately been supplied and everybody is excessively well mannered and extraordinary. towards the beginning, a maximum is eager to begin something new and to come to be acquainted with the opposite colleagues. 

  1. Amid this level, you can communicate approximately: 
  2. Component’s capabilities, basis, and pursuits 
  3. Task targets 
  4. Route of occasions 
  5. Suggestions 
  6. Singular components 

As the collection acquaints itself, elements and obligations will start to shape. It’s far critical for colleagues to create connections and realize what component each person performs. 

yet, in mild of the truth that this stage concentrates extra on the overall populace than on the work, your institution maximum likely may not be extremely gainful but. Have you at any factor executed the point in a courting where you turn out to be aware of a person’s features and that they baffle or hassle you? (Devaux, 1999)


Maybe they crush the toothpaste from the highest point of the tube instead of the bottom? Consume with their mouth open? Or however, the music into a comparable Drake melody 15 times in succession? 

All things are taken into consideration, congratulations, you have entered the raging level. 

Being in a collection resembles being seeing someone. In the beginning, you might imagine any individual is immaculate and ideal. Anyhow, at that factor, you keep in mind that they aren’t. When you’re aware in their blemishes, you both discern a way to draw close to them or the relationship will cease hastily. 

Within the raging degree, the reality and weight of finishing the activity that needs to be finished have now hit all and sundry. The underlying sentiments of fervor to be polite have probably worn off. 

Identities may also struggle. Individuals may also vary over how to complete a mission or voice their issues inside the occasion that they feel that someone isn’t always pulling their weight. They will even scrutinize the expert or course of collecting pioneers. 

Anyhow, it is crucial to remember that most companies encounter war. On the off-hazard which you are the pioneer, remind individuals that differences are regular. Throughout the norming stage, people start to see and value their colleagues’ characteristics. Gatherings begin to subside right into a notch. Everyone is contributing and functioning as a long-lasting unit. 

Glaringly, you can at gift imagine that your tech fellow’s selection in tune is unpleasant. Anyhow, you moreover respect his perception into internet site architecture and coding abilities and esteem his conclusions on something tech-related. 

Raging every now and then covers with norming. As new undertakings emerge, gatherings may additionally at gift revel in more than one contentions. inside the event which you’ve just controlled contradiction previously, it’s going to likely be much less demanding to deal with this time you have achieved the fourth degree, applaud yourself. You’re on course to progress. 

Within the appearing degree, individuals are certain, inspired, and sufficiently secure with the assignment and their organization that they can work without supervision. Everybody is in settlement and riding full-speed ahead in the direction of the ultimate purpose. In 1977, Tuckman covered a fifth stage known as postponing. (Unfortunately, not an impeccable rhyme.) Once a project closes, the group disbands. This level is now after which referred to as grieving in light of the reality that individuals have advanced near and experience a misfortune now that the revel in is completed.


Meredith Belbin’s team role inventory model

Socially Adept Roles 

The coordinator, group worker, and useful resource Investigator elements are altogether supported by way of individuals with stable social senses and require top-notch relational aptitudes to deliver efficiently. The Coordinator appears for the quality commitments from the group, while the crew worker advances exquisite running connections, and the resource Investigator seems outwards to a system of contacts beyond the group. 

Errand centered Roles 

The Shaper, Implementer, and Completer Finisher components are for the most element emphatically focused on looking after business: the Shaper on kicking it off, the Implementer on gaining ground, and the Completer Finisher on taking care of capability issues. 

More Cerebral Roles 

The Plant, screen Evaluator, and expert all prize reasoning precisely above doing. The Plant starts off evolved mind, the screen Evaluator surveys the institution’s reasoning and yields, and the expert contributes profound mastery.


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