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Assessment 1

It is important for community services workers to understand the purpose of social policies, why they are developed and how they are shaped by the different theoretical perspectives and values of the decision makers in government. It is often a theoretical or ideological viewpoint which informs social policy decision making rather than a genuine identified social need or evidence-based research. For this assessment, you must choose ONE social policy from the list below and the relevant social system it applies to:  Religious institution  Australia's First Nation People
 Family system  Welfare support  Aged care In your essay, you must answer/fulfill the following: Describe the history of your chosen policy Was it shaped by a genuine identified social need? Or did it come about as a result of the values of government decision makers? Discuss the impact of your chosen policy on Australian society, specifically on a social system/s Note: You must write about an Australian social policy. That's the assessment 1 that you need to follow to do the assessment 2 here is the assessment need to be done: Word length: 1000 The aim of this assessment is for students to be able to demonstrate the ability to acquire knowledge and the capacity to critically reflect on key concepts and information presented in class. This assessment is to be submitted on Moodle. This task will help you to prepare for Assessment 2. You will complete four entries into your annotated bibliography portfolio which will demonstrate your learning of the academic skills and the key concepts required to complete your essay. This assessment will also guide you in preparing for future assessments. You are required to locate five (5) journal articles or book chapters relating to your essay topic. You will then need to complete an entry in your annotated bibliography portfolio for each source stating the following: 1. The full reference of the source in APA7 format; 2. A brief statement of the main purpose of the article; 3. A summary of the content; 4. A brief evaluation of the credibility of the source; and 5. How you will use the source in answering the essay question. You are required to paraphrase the article/book chapter in your annotated bibliography portfolio entries. This means you must use your own words. You cannot directly quote the source. Do NOT utilize sources such as and other such web materials as these in no way constitute academic references for the purpose of your assignments. If you rely on such sources for theoretical support, you will be deemed NOT to have met the requirements of the assessment.

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