Films and TV Shows Set at Universities all Students Should Watch

Posted on January 15, 2022 by Cheapest Assignment

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University life is a carefree world where a teenager gets to taste freedom for the first time. The focus of students must be studied when they enter college but contrary to that they want the fun to take the front seat.  

All fun elements get to your nerves when you have a lot of TV shows and films to watch that are based on student life. They have many stories to tell and relate to your life in one or the other way. 

Students are fond of shows and movies that relieve all their stress and paint the glory of college life with fun colors.  Watching TV shows based on college life gives an adrenaline rush to the teens. 

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There are many TV shows about student life: 

  1. Pitch perfect 

It is a musical comedy movie directed by Jason Moore. It is a series with 3 seasons. A freshmen girl joins a singing group and takes up for campus competition level.  

        2. Fresh meat 

It’s a show based on the life of six college students namely Void, Oregon, Josie, Kingsley, JP and Howard at Manchester Medlock University.

     3.  Bad Education

It’s a comedy-drama with a newly graduated 

     4. Legally blonde

It is a Romcom that sets the pace when Elle Woods wants to enter Harvard law school. The protagonist of the movie is blonde and a fashionista. To win back her ex-boyfriend’s attention, she tries hardest and ends being a good lawyer.  

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       5. Veronica mars

It is an American TV series where the main lead of the high school crime drama, Veronic a Mars works a private investigator. She tackles some mysterious situation with the help of her father.  

       6. Clique 

It is a thriller TV series in the UK. It is a story of Holly and Georgia. When Georgia indulges herself with some “elite clique of alpha girls”, it becomes the duty of Holly to bring her back.  

       7. Starter at 10 

It’s a Romcom movie set in British University. A studious first-year student tries to balance his feelings towards the opposite sex.   

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       8. Gossip girl 

It’s an American teen TV series with six seasons. It surrounds the elite of Manhattan. It shows a complicated relationship between friends. It’s about the friendship and conflicts between Blair and Serena. 

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