Five Essential Public Health Services

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The first public health service is to monitor health to identify and solve community health problems. The assessment should be recurrent after a given period and accurate to the details. It should identify health risks, pay close attention to vital records, and identify assets and resources (Wibberly, 2016). The assessment can be done using technology in the interpretation and communication of data. The second public health service in diagnosing and investigating health challenges and dangers in the community. It needs to be at particular times. It should also present the diagnostic services. The identified dangers are countered by adequate plans of action (Wibberly, 2016).

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The third public health service is informing, educating, and empowering the community on health issues. There are initiatives based on health education that are meant to create awareness and influence attitudes, direct decision-making choices, create skills, and healthy lifestyles. The initiatives collaborate with the communities to drive their agenda. The initiatives can incorporate media advocacy and social media marketing (Wibberly, 2016). The fourth public health service is mobilizing community partnerships to recognized and solve health problems. This initiative is mainly keen on working with different stakeholders in the communities to push health information among the community. It may involve constituency, coalition, and formal/informal collaborations to campaign for health improvement (Schneider, 2020).

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The fifth public health service is developing policies and plans that support personal and community health efforts. The policies are centred around protection and guidance on public health practice. The policies also address emergency response planning to meet urgent and unforeseen medical needs. Also, the policies allocate and direct the available resources to ensure the planning of the health system is successful. This service involves the state and the community in planning its activities (Schneider, 2020).


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