Formal Literature Review What do High Organization do Different?

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Executive Summary 

This literature review will provide a general introduction of strategic human resources planning of high and developed organizations in the market specifically focusing on various duties and activities performed by this organization which is different from other operating companies and also, to achieve a competitive advantage over competitors operating within the same geographical area. In the analysis of what do high, well-developed organizations do different, the literature review will analyse the importance of human resource strategy applied by these organizations, major global trends which have a potential impact on human resources of a developed country and also, high-performance workforce applied by the high organization to differentiate the product and services from other operating companies. The literature review essay will also, analysis the main drivers of employee engagement and how human resource professionals contribute to a positive and effective engagement agreement outcome. Effective management and leadership performance and a conclusion of the overall literature review will also, be included in the essay. 


Strategic human resource planning is an important business activity that evaluate and ensure that high-developed organization have the right talent and skills needed to achieve organizational goal and objectives in both short and long term. It usually attempts to analysis and predict the prevailing demand and supply of human resource in order to identify whether there is a shortfall or surplus of talent, skills and human labor required by an organization. In a well-developed organization, they take into account wider contextual issues alongside specific organizational circumstances which might have a positive or negative impact to achieve a competitive advantage over competitors and also, a substantial overall performance of the company activities. High developed organizations usually implement an effective and a well proven strategic human resource planning framework in order to evaluate the necessary skills required by the organization and also, to build a flexible planning process for employees.

Literature Review 

High organizations usually develop an effective human resource strategy that focuses on the overall performance of the organizational activities in every department. The strategy usually, gives sight to systemic issues hindering the achievement of organizational goals and objectives set. The aim of implementing a modern and effective human resource strategy by high organizations is to achieve a competitive advantage over competitors operating within the same geographical area. A competitive advantage is obtained by organizations if the organization work alongside available human resources and also, proved modern system which easy the work of employees. The key importance of implementing a human resource strategy is to identify high performing and skilled employees who will help the high organization to perform and operate differently in terms of strategic performance.

Human resource mostly involves the management of a company’s policies and procedures guiding and relating to employee’s operation in all levels of the organization Due to the rising of globalization and also, mass communication in the world of business operation, businesses are now connected across geographical boundaries all over the world. One of the key emerging trends applied by high organizations to perform differently is the allocation of global human resource management which focuses on diversified training and professional growth of employees. This area of training and professional development of employees includes major learning opportunities and modern education programs offered by the organization towards its potential employees who focuses on achieving organizational global goals and objectives. The purpose of the training and development program is to motivate and encourage employees to become more diversified in terms of skills and competency while performing daily activities of the organization. In return, this increases the efficiency of the product and services offered to final consumers and also, enhance a reduction in the overall cost of production.  

In developed organizations, high performing workforce is highly recommended as compared to average workforce. A high-performance workforce usually consists of potential employees who are well-equipped, more creative and also, smarter who fit into the organizational culture of labour. This group of high-performance workforces is usually aware and contribute a lot to enhance a harmonious workplace that will emphasize effective accountability and also, a more conducive environment for workers. The aim of developing an effective high-performance workforce is to monitor and focus on continuous improvements in products and services offered to customers worldwide. To achieve this goal, high organizations usually implement hiring and onboarding tips, which involve careful candidate selection procedures to ensure that the selected workforce fits the organization’s culture, goal, objective and a competitive advantage over competitors in the market. Developed organizations also, operate differently by applying employee and customer feedback which assist the organization to evaluate the overall performance. 

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In the process of measuring employee engagement, high organizations are able to understand and learn the difference between employee’s engagement, satisfaction and also, the key driving factor that motivates employees to find more meaning in their work that underdeveloped organizations do not understand. Some of the key drivers of employee engagement include autonomy which plays a very vital role in motivating and inspiring employees to work at their level best while utilizing the available organizational resources. The coworker relationship is also, another key driving factor that emphasizes the importance of a team worker in the organization, having mutual respect between employees and also, a positive relationship instilled with trust within the organization. In the process of establishing key effective drivers of employee’s engagement, human resource professional plays a vital role in ensuring that all the necessary process of establishing the driver are followed and implemented within the organization. Identification of engagement drivers plays a vital role in high organizations by ensuring that in the process of employee’s selection, all the rules and guidelines implemented are followed.

Effective management is a component in human resource planning framework that analyses the capabilities of the management with an aim of determining whether the set goals and objectives will be achieved within the given timeframe. It’s applied by high organizations in order to perform duties different from other competitors within the market, by ensuring that the management is doing what is right or what should be done. Effective management plays an important role in management by ensuring that the four roles of management that is planning, controlling, staffing and leading are effectively implemented within the organization. Apart from applying for an effective management program, the high organization also, implement leadership practices that are guided by ethical issues set by the organization. Actions and strategies leaders provide by leadership program assist the high organization to take and implement better organizational strategies that will assist the organization in attaining growth, development and overall goals of the organization.  

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In summation, high organizations implement effective human resource planning strategies which assist them to perform organizational activities different from other underdeveloped organizations in terms of selecting the required workforce and implementing effective global trends such as training and development which have a potential impact on human resources. In the process of implementing a high-performing workforce and identifying key drivers of employee engagement, the high organizations are able to achieve the set goals and also, a competitive advantage over competitors operating in the same geographical area. Apart from achieving the set goals, the high organization are able to produce and manufacture high-quality goods within the given time using the available resources in terms of finance and capital which reduce cost. The reduction in cost lead to an increase in revenue of the organization which motivates employees to work at their level best under effective leadership practices guided by the code of ethic of the organization. 

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