FYA003-0 Contemporary Social Issues

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UNIT 51: International Marketing

Able to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of contemporary social issues Can collaborate

This assessement requires you to complete a one hour on-line multiple choice test, in order to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the subjects and sociological perspectives taught within the unit. The test will comprise a combination of multiple-choice questions.

In order to do this you should follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: You should follow instructions on BREO on how to access and submit the test online.
Step 2: You will be given a list of 20 questions provided on BREO of which you must select and answer.
Step 3: You should read each question carefully, one at a time, so you know what the question is asking you to do.
Step 4: You will need to select the correct answer to the question from the choices provided.
Step 5: You will need to decide what your final answer is for each question, making sure that your response answers the question you have been set.
Step 6: Ensure that you have answered all of the questions set as you will not be able to leave the test and return to it later.
Step 7: Ensure that you submit your answers.

You will need to demonstrate that you can
1) Answer a minimum of 15 questions correctly.
2) That you possess the fundamental knowledge and understanding of the core concepts and theories taught within the unit.
3) You will need to demonstrate the differences between sociological models and theories

This will be discussed further in the online facilities of BREO but you should ensure that you follow all instructions in this assignment brief .
To receive high grades you will need to demonstrate your wider reading, you should look at and listen to the recorded online lectures on BREO to assist you with revising for the test. You should also read the notes that you have made within the lecture and seminar sessions as a further revison and support structure for the test.

Each week the lectures assist in the development of your learning, understanding and knowledge of a variety of contemporary social issues and their impacts upon the wider community. The test is designed to reinforce the learning you do in class, and to have a positive impact on your academic confidence, skills and learning. The test will also help your identify key aspects of your knowledge within comtemporary society so that you are able to demonstrate understanding of the key issues. You are also developing key employability skills of researching, presenting, and developing strategies to succeed.



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