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Human Resource Management –

Get Help on HRMT20024

Get Help on HRMT20024

Select a topic.

  1. HR planning in a changing environment
  2. Work design challenges in a global environment
  3. Talent attraction and selection
  4. Talent retention and development
  5. Management of performance
  6. Strategic reward management
  7. Managing workplace health and safety
  8. Workplace negotiation processes
  9. Evaluating HRM towards the future

IBM501: International Business

Select one article for your presentation.

Identify a good quality journal article from the CQU library databases and business press publications such as Harvard Business Review. The article must have been published within the last five years.

Analyse the chosen article to identify a key theme for current research and thinking on your topic, rather than simply summarizing the article.

Managing in Organizations

Design your presentation.

Your presentation with the aim to engage your class on the latest thinking research on your HRM topic. Presentation is to be a maximum of seven (7) minutes with a maximum of seven (7) PowerPoint slides.

You need to communicate: the title, topic, objective of the research, the method for the research, argument/findings, Conclusion, and how it contributes to the week’s lecture theme.

Referencing: APA referencing


CMU201 – Business Communications

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