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Let’s Discuss About Operation Management

What is operations management? 

Operations management is a broad term of management. It is fully concerned with converting labour and designing into the production of services and goods in well organized and competent way.

For example, if any company makes furniture, then some of the operations management decisions require the following: purchasing wood and fabric, hiring and training workers, location and layout of the furniture factory, purchasing cutting tools and other fabrication equipment.

How many levels are in operations management? 

There are a total of three levels of operations management to achieve the company goal as efficiently as possible: 

  1. Strategic 
  2. Tactical 
  3. Operations 

Strategic: Strategic planning is all about to make developing plans to achieve top-rated goals. The management will help in developing the strategic plans. As you can also say that strategic management is known as long-term management that can have a connection with the five years and above plans. There has been a lot of risks and a lack of sureness are involved in long term or strategic level planning. Strategic planning needs scanning and analysis of the outward environment to seek information.

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Strategic Operations Management Decisions Include:

  1. Technology decisions: Choice of correct technology, equipment, process choice and degree of automation.
  2. Capacity decisions: the Amount, timing and what types of material can be used.
  3. Facilities decisions: Size, location and specializations
  4. Vertical integration: Direction, scope and balance

The level of strategic production management is usually concerned about the decisions, which are having suggestions in the long term goals. These decisions are very important for the success and better performance of the organization. These decisions can affect the competitive positions of the organization and help the operations strategy of the organization.

Quality of Strategic Production/Operational management:

  • Strategic level production management helps to achieve the goals in a systematic way.
  • It helps to develop the strengths and remove the weaknesses to encash the available opportunities.
  • The management gives the perfect direction for the growth and development of the business.
  • Strategic level management set the specific foundations for tactical goals and operational goals.
  • These planning decisions are very important for converting your defeat into success.
  • Strategic decisions can be taken with less information and also in an environment of doubt and risk.
  • All the strategic level management is always connected with risk and it is used in some futuristic assumption.

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Tactical: Tactical planning is done in the middle of the management level, which mainly includes the resource assets and utilization to achieve the organizational goals. Tactical plans cover short time frames and are connected with less variability and it is not risky as compared to strategic planning.

Tactical planning is usually concerned with deciding specifically how the resources of the organization will be utilized to achieve the organizational strategic goals. Usually, the planning is vital to central generated data.

Tactical Management Decisions Include:

  1. Establishing parameters for measuring operational efficiency and productivity.
  2. Making various plans to improve the utilization of existing resources.
  3. Prepare gadgets and manpower planning with the help of short planning.
  4. Planning for modernization of facilitates and automation.
  5. Particular technology and tools to increase production efficiency or productivity.
  6. Produce work plans for process redesign, methods development and job design.
  7. Make buying decisions.
  8. Forecast skill requirements for future work assignments and prepare the skill development plans.
  9. Planning for medium-term maintenance to increase the availability of production facilities.

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Qualities of Tactical Production Management:

  • Planning for the medium term can be between 2–3 years.

  • All the focus is on fixing performance parameters and generating data to compare actual and planned performance and taking steps to reduce the gap between planned and actual.
  • Prepares the management plans for effective utilization of the existing resources.
  • Plans to increase the equipment availability and overall productivity of the production function.

Operation: These types of management decisions are taken at the bottom level of the management and these are the routine type decisions. These plans are usually prepared to run up the actions which are compulsory for achieving operational goals. This management decision is for a short time frame, it can be just a year. Also, the doubt about the plans are low and the information needed is internal. They are stated in certain ratable terms and can be spelt out in terms of time and targets. 

This is the lower level of management that develops the operational plans and the planning outlook is just for one year. These plans are actually done when the doubt is very low. The plans are expressed in terms of actions, which can be rated.

For example, production management plans is an operational level planning which gives details like:

  1. What is the job?
  2. On which machines it is to be processed.
  3. Who should do this job – operator details?
  4. Starting and finish times of each job in each of the workstations or machines or facilities
  5. Quality specifications and inspection and test details.

Therefore, the operational production management plan gives all the details regarding the processing of the product from the raw material stage to finished goods ready for dispatch after quality check and performance testing.

Qualities of Operational Level Production Management Plans:

  • Plans are positive and action-oriented.
  • Plans are expressed in terms of parameters, which can be rated.
  • Plans give detailed instructions regarding productions;
    • What is to be done?
    • What should the management do?
    • When and where it can be done?
  • The plans are evaluated and are expressed in measurable units and hence the comparison is done between planned and actual goal.
  • It helps the monitor to progress the plan and take accurate action if needed to achieve the goal. 

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