Global Structures, Local Cultures

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Q) How Australian is Australian culture? In your answer you should critically discuss the concepts of nation, race, national culture and ‘Australia.’ (1,500 words)

PLEASE READ! THIS IS THE CRITERIA!! The assessment criteria are intended as indicators only, and they are not added up to make your final mark. Further, the categories are not equally important.Answers the question The essay should demonstrate your capacity to develop an anthropological argument in response to the question. Your material must be relevant to the question and draw on the key concepts included in the essay question. Make sure that you identify exactly what the question is asking. Conceptual Understanding Make sure you demonstrate that you understand the central concepts set in the question. You can do this either by giving definitions (do this only with difficult or very important technical words) or by using the concepts in such a way that demonstrates that you know what they mean. Make sure you talk about these concepts in online conversation – ask if they mean what you think
they mean. Content Read and refer to relevant material in the subject outline. Lectures, tutorials and general anthropology texts should also guide you to relevant issues and readings. You may need to search the library or the Internet for extra references. Structure The essay should be clearly organised so that it develops an argument. You must have an introductory paragraph that states the aim of the essay and outlines the structure of the argument. The points made in one paragraph should follow on from the previous paragraph and lead into the next one. You should have a conclusion that summarises your main points. Expression Clear expression is an important part of a clear argument. Attention to grammar, syntax and style will assist in clarifying what you are endeavouring to say to the reader. Try reading it aloud or ask someone to read it for you. Spelling and punctuation are also important; you
should use a dictionary (and your spell check) regularly. Referencing Use the Harvard system of referencing as described in the Student Handbook. Plagiarism is a punishable offence, reference both direct quotes and when you use other people’s ideas.

You must include a Reference list. Research Search the library or the Internet (online databases) for extra references. There should be a minimum of 8 academic references. There is 3 you can use that I have put below another 5 would be required by you they have to be peer reviewed references!!
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