GSBS6008 Global Business Management

Posted on July 5, 2022 by Cheapest Assignment

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Assignment 2 Report Format

1. Executive summary

2. Table of content (with page number)

3. Introduction: Background of chosen MNE, product information, the reasons for choosing this company (MNE), purpose and outline of this report

4. Advisory report for chosen MNE

Analysis for global business management

 Organisational structure and design
 Type of organisational design and structure of the chosen company
 Information technology
 Types of computing systems with the exact model name used
 Knowledge and innovation management
 Implementation of knowledge and innovation management by the chosen company as a learning organisation
 Marketing
 2 Marketing analysis with the appropriate tools (No 4Ps allowed)
 Human resource management
 Approach, selection and career development of international staffs
 Operations and supply chain management
 Approach and the description of international operations and supply chain management or logistics or inventory management etc.

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