Guide for the First Individual Report Assignment

Posted on July 27, 2022 by Cheapest Assignment

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EB3803/BI3001 – Assessment One - Individual Report

Assessment components: This individual report provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate evaluation and application of Global Supply Chain Management. This will address learning outcomes1 to 5. This report should be around 3,000 words.

Students are required to critically analyse the global supply chain strategy, elements and network design of a real-life supply chain with a purpose of expanding the global supply  chain. This assessment will address learning outcomes 1 to 5.

A choice for company will be given to students

Do research on this company using secondary sources of information (e.g. published articles, reviews, newsletter, etc), and prepare an individual report covering the following points:

1. Develop a section for theoretical backgrounds of specific supply chain strategy
2. Discuss and critically evaluate the company’s supply chain.
3. Perform a SWOT analysis for the company to identify and critically evaluate its supply chain management in terms of strengths,  weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
4. Critically analyse some advantages and disadvantages of the company’s strategy to pursue its supply chain strategy. Review some academic journal articles on supply chain and evaluate how some of the theoretical arguments are applied in the context of the company. Provide some specific examples from the company’s activities and justify your answer.

Discuss and justify your argument and answers using in-depth analysis, critical evaluation of issues, supporting examples and evidence, relevant theoretical arguments, and proper references.

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