Health and Safety

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Health and Safety

Assessment description in the Module Handbook pages

  1. Please first submit your original written work to the TurnItIn below – this is your 4000 word document (reference list does not contribute to the word count). Write down your submission ID number provided on TurnItIn when you upload the written file. Check the similarity score (it might take an hour or so to provide a
  2. Then submit your 4-5 papers into the separate 'Papers' folder below. Submit them as a single Word or pdf file or separately. To protect your anonymity, give the file name as only your TurnItIn ID you just wrote down (not your student number or any words).  Example: 12345678.pdf. If a single composite file is not
    possible, you will need to upload more than one file, so give the first file name only the TurnItIn ID number, but add a space and then 1, the next file only the ID number, then space and 2 etc. Example: 12345678 1.pdf, 12345678 2.pdf. Submit each into the folder. Make sure the ID number matches the one given for your submitted written work.

Both the written work and your 4-5 reviewed materials are required as an acceptable submission.

NOTE for anonymous marking do not put your name or student ID on your submissions.

  • Example paper by Warner NorthFile 73.1KB PDF document
    This paper shows the type of approach that we would suggest for the summative exercise. You do not need to include, as in this example, the biographies of the authors in your submission. You need to introduce your topic and link papers without simply describing contents. Use your chosen articles to demonstrate your wider reading and learning on the Module. Make your readers want to read the papers for themselves!  Interest them in the topic. Use the Library Search function on the right-hand side of this module page, Library Services, and Google Scholar to search for relevant peer-reviewed articles.
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