Health and Socio-Political Issues in Aged Care

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Health and Socio-Political Issues in Aged Care

Length and/or format:

5 x 300 words = 1500 words in total Details of format and content will be provided in week 2


To encourage and refine thinking around marketing’s role in society and in organisations

Learning outcomes assessed: 1, 2, and 5

How to submit: Students are required to submit a hard copy of their papers at the beginning of the lecture and upload soft copies onto Moodle.

Topic 1 Fail Pass Max Mark: 2 Actual Mark_______
Understanding Basic Marketing concepts.
No errors/Significant errors in content, interpretation of the material.
Responses relevant/not relevant to material.
Student understands key concepts.
Responses indicate that the student understands the subject matter clearly.
Note: The four basic marketing questions are taken from Topic 1 – The Concept of Marketing and have a value of 0.5 marks each = 2 Marks.

Assessment Task 3 Assessment Criteria:
The purpose of these tasks is to get you to relate the marketing concepts which you will learn in weeks 1 through 6 to your own experience and then to critically evaluate the marketing activity of a chosen organisation. The five weekly exercises should not be seen as separate from the final report, rather they should be seen as a cumulative experience to enable you to more effectively evaluate the marketing activities of your chosen organisation

You are required to choose ONE of the following retail organisations as the subject of your report and each week you will relate the concept taught during that week’s lecture & tutorial to a BRANDED product sold in that store. You can choose one from:

1. Coles
2. Woolworths
3. Aldi
4. Myer
5. David Jones
Each week you will need to visit the same retailer and select one branded product from the total range and write how, in your opinion, that brand demonstrates the marketing concept(s) taught that week e.g. In Coles you may select Kellogs to demonstrate the concept of segmentation.

Each weekly reflection should be no more than 300 words and each reflection exercise must be clearly headed to show the concept being demonstrated. Whilst you may need to cite references in this exercise, it is not anticipated that you will need to cite extensively in this exercise.

Then choose a BRANDED product (e.g. Kellogs or Heinz, or Johnson & Johnson etc.) if a food retailer or a fashion brand/clothing retailer brand such as Bonds etc.) Then follow the instructions in the Unit Outline and address five (5) questions addressed in your marketing lectures to date (e.g. Segmentation, Target Market etc) and write 300 words on each areas of the marketing mix that may apply to that brand.
Set out your response as follows:
1. Cover page (Unit title, your name/ID, my name/Lecture Date/Time)
2. Introduction to paper (200 words approx.)
3. Q.1. Store, type of business, brief history etc. (300 words approx.)
4. Q.2. Branded product chosen  and why (300 words approx.)
5. Q.3. Segmentation (type – e.g. relative to popularity/customer's needs etc) (300 words approx.)
6. Q.4. Target Marketing (marketing tactics to attract potential customers) (300 words approx.)
7. Q.5. Positioning/Price (in store, on special etc) Perhaps "impulse positioning" near chec-out counters etc (300 words)
8. Conclusion (about 200 words, summarizing your paper.

There is no need for an Executive Summary, Table of Contents or Reference List for THIS submission

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