Health Care – What would I do?

Posted on March 25, 2022 by Cheapest Assignment

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MKT2011 AS2 Campaign Analysis (Resit Conditions)
  1. What considerations/actions should the nurse make regarding the client’s refusal to restart his blood pressure medication?

I would inquire from the patient why he does not want to resume his treatment. After stating his reasons, I will explain to him the consequences that would occur if he does not resume his treatment and make him understand that he would be endangering his life. I would then seek to find out is the patient is aware of what the objective of his drug is. If he does not, I will try and explain it to him in the simplest way possible. However, if the patient is still not convinced about continuing his therapy, I will try and explain it to him in a more basic way than previously without using force or harsh words and allow him time to digest the information.  After doing all these and the patient is still not convinced to continue his medication, I will record on the patients’ health record his reasons why he does not want to resume his medication and retain it for reference in the future. After that, I will send the patient to be examined by the physician.

Occupational health

  1. What considerations/actions would have helped the health care team to prevent the client’s fall?

I believe that the healthcare staff should have prevented the patient from taking his first medication, before issuing another medication because it could have been the genesis of this new sickness.  In addition, the healthcare staff should never have prescribed new medication, rather they would have observed him see whether his blood rates would normalize, before giving him medication for his second ailment.

Health Threats

Also, the healthcare staff should have sent him back to his primary physician instead of giving him new medication because he would have altered his medication depending on the health records and observations.

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