Health System, Policy and Financing Three Essays

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Health System, Policy and Financing Three Essays

Question 1: Carefully describe two ways of paying healthcare providers. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each. (800 words)

Proposed answer structure:

  • Choose between capitation, activity based payments (DRGs based), fee for service, salaries, budgets, P4P etc.
  • Define payment method and explain how it works
  • payment is prospective or retrospective?
  • impact on quantity and quality of care provided
  • incentives for efficiency

Question 2: Carefully discuss the weighted capitation as a tool for allocating resources within the healthcare system. (800 words)

Proposed answer structure:

  • Contextualize the weighed capitation as a resource allocation mechanism and define that it is a capitation adjusted for need.
  • Discuss the importance of weighed capitation for the reduction of health inequalities.
  • Discuss the type of individual and area level data used to adjust capitation and discuss.
  • Discuss the index and matrix approach as two methods of establishing the weighed capitation.
  • The best answers will illustrate the different ways by illustrating how this is done in two countries (e.g. Sweden and the Netherlands).

Question 3: The Mirandan Republic is a small country in South America, endowed with large oil reserves: 80% of the country’s GDP consists of oil exports and related activities. Political instability has been persistent in Miranda since the country’s independence: elected governments often last only a few months and are replaced by others with very different political priorities.
The health system in this country relies heavily on out-of-pocket payments. A newly appointed minister of health, who holds and MSc from a UK university, proposes to introduce a tax funded NHS system in the country. Do you agree with this? Justify your answer (800 words)

Proposed answer structure:

  • Explain why OOPs is not a good source of funding and why a risk pooling scheme, such as tax finance, is preferable.
  • Explain that the viability of this depends on a stable share of the fiscal budget being allocated to
  • Show how this can be undermined by political instability and also by volatility in the price of oil.
  • The best answers would add that one of the advantages of of tax finance could be equity but only if the a tax system is progressive and tax evasion does not undermine that
  • Weigh the arguments pro and against the policy reform and make a recommendation
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