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The information system has impacted the healthcare world positively, but it has its demerits on patient privacy which makes its usage be governed by some standards. The aim of this paper is to articulate the effects of information systems on healthcare and narrowly to the nursing care on the HIPAA standards and patient privacy, regulations put in place as far as technology use is concerned, the legal guidelines on the appropriate use of technology the impact of information systems on nursing care and healthcare at large about the HIPAA standards and the privacy of the patients, healthcare regulations on the use of the technology, and the legal guidelines on the use of the technology appropriately, additionally the advantages and disadvantages of the use of technology in nursing will be addressed. (Tariq et al.,2020) The case scenario is chosen in this paper is on violation of the privacy rule in the HIPAA rights. Pictures of a celebrity who is admitted to the hospital are taken by the management and they are sold to the gossip gazette. This is a violation of the HIPAA rights and the celebrity sues the hospital due to the violation of the privacy rule. The hospital phone is supposed to be searched. We will evaluate the hospital, mitigation the circumstances that led to the violation. Lastly, the ethical and professional principles that offer guidance on the use of technology in the delivery of healthcare services will be addressed.

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HIPAA, legal and regulations 

In the HIPAA and the privacy rule, there are covered entities which are organizations and individuals that electronically transmit the health information in the process of health care delivery and they include healthcare workers, clearinghouses, and health plans. (Tariq et al.,2020)

A covered entity that offers health care services can choose to become a hybrid by writing its components of healthcare, privacy rule applies to those components. The rule protects protected health information, which is all the personal information that can be used to identify a patient. The rule does not apply to the personally identifiable health information that the healthcare organization maintains rather than the covered entity. (Wilburn, A. 2018).

Technology use in nursing has affected the compliance to the HIPAA regulations when using technology for instance computers, to ensure that the patient information does not fall into the hands of an authorized person, an automatic log out should be employed when the devices are not in use. Some of the implications of the use of technology in nursing care include: 

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Being asked about the patients by the relatives and families of the patient, crowded and busy healthcare facilities makes the conversation between the healthcare workers and the patient be heard by third parties, labelling of the drugs and intravenous devices of the patient violates the privacy rule. (Wilburn, A. 2018).

The use of electronic messages for communication is not secure as it is thought since the fax, mail, and messages can be sent to the wrong person hence violating the HIPAA privacy rule. Technology has impacted HIPAA in network security, communication, and storage of data 

Some of the privacy legislation that governs the use of IT in nursing include the right to privacy for the patients which makes sharing of the patient to the close relatives and families impossible. (Arellano et al.,2018)

The privacy act of 1974 regulates the collection of information by the government and its agencies 

The cures Act ensures health information is exchanged without any blockage among the healthcare workers 

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The MACRA Medicare access and chip reauthorization Act 2015 governs the quality payment programs (Arellano et al.,2018)

The scenario on violation of HIPAA rules and recommendations

The case scenario on the violation of HIPAA rules whereby a patient picture who is a celebrity was taken old to the gossip gazette and the hospital issued and the hospital phone searched. The manager should notify the HIPAA privacy officer or the key supervisor and the investigation on assessments of the risks done. To avoid the financial penalty the patient will be notified by the hospital about the breach. Solving the violations internally will ensure the safety of the patient (Arellano et al.,2018)

The manager should have put the phone under tight security to avoid the recurrence of the same scenario. End-to-end encryption of the phone would have ensured that the information cannot be sent to a third party should have kept the mobile phone secure so that such a scenario does not happen. The mobile phone should have been done end to end encryption to ensure that the information cannot be sent to another unauthorized party. The healthcare organization should invest in the teaching of its staff on the importance of privacy rules.

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Advantages and disadvantages of technology in nursing care 

There are key benefits of the information systems in healthcare which includes:

The organized and coordinated treatment system, improvement in the patient safety, performance analysis which is hassle-free, improvement in the patient care, transfiguration of clinical services, access to clinical, financial and administrative information instantly, saves time and reduces operation cost, the more reliable the information is about a patient, the better the decisions in nursing such patients.

The disadvantages of technology use in nursing include:

Some patients do not know how to use the internet and others do not have mobile devices, this makes use of video visits and applications useless 

When in need of patient data urgently for medication and procedures and the devices malfunction, it becomes difficult to retrieve the data and swift nursing care is impaired.

In as much as it saves the cost of operation, it is costly to train nurses o the use of technology, this generally increases the cost of healthcare 

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Incorrect typos may make the nursing and medical care have some discrepancies

The ethical issue in the use of technology in the healthcare 

Confidentiality and privacy – patient health information should be held in confidence 

Security breaches – any healthcare worker that breaches the security of the information shall be liable 

Inaccuracies of data – data keyed into the devices should be as accurate as possible to avoid errors in the medical and nursing care 

System implementation – technology implementation should promote privacy 


Technology should be used with caution in healthcare. Violation of the HIPAA rules leads to penalties and loss of reputation of a healthcare organization The, benefits of the technology outweigh the risks therefore for it to b of help the healthcare workers need to observe the HIPAA regulations and the ethics that govern the healthcare technology. The knowledge that I have gained from this assignment will help me to carry out my nursing duties with dignity and confidentiality and guide me in the observance of the privacy rule. 

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