Healthcare management and leadership

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Dynamic Leadership Sample

From your study, you will understand that the purpose and function of management and leadership in the healthcare organization are to help create and maintain integration, bring employees from all levels of the organization closer together, and to enhance performance and productivity. 

Basically, healthcare management and leadership is the personality, attitude, and behaviour of the organization. 

Management and leadership style is made up of the assumptions, values, and norms of organization members, and their behaviours. 

In this essay you are required to: 

Demonstrate an understanding of organizational management and leadership styles as to relate to the healthcare system. In order to do students need to: 

Provide an overview of the concept of ONE Management and ONE Leadership style ( Refer to Assignment Format below). 


Assignment Format 

The essay should be presented in the following format. 



 Provide an overview of the concept of ONE Management and ONE Leadership style as an example to illustrate in this essay. 


 Describe and explain the chosen management and leadership style. 

Discuss the management roles and leadership roles in a healthcare organization. 

Describe the principles adopted by leaders to ensure an effective working environment. 

 Analyze the role played by the healthcare organization in the development of an effective managers and leaders. 


 Summary of key highlights of the discussion

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