Historical Perspectives of the Asian Americans-Sample

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The Asian America migrated to the United States in search of better opportunities and first arrived as domestic workers. This paper looks into the historical perspectives of Asian Americans focusing on the economic climate, key people, key policies and examples of discrimination oppression.

Economic climate

The Asian Americans first traded in shells then bananas and sugar. Key people

Asian America has influential people who helped foster their rights on American soil. These people enabled the Asian community to attain equality and recognition.

Examples of discrimination and oppression

The Asian community were discriminated against as non-Americas and this continued in many areas eventually denying their economic opportunities. Their rights were also denied through the enactment of policies.

Historical perspectives of the Asian American 

Before 1800 1800s 1900-1960 1960-present
Economic climate

Key people

Key policies

Examples of Oppression and Discrimination

The Asian Americans traded in shells and other exotics. They also traded in sugar and bananas originally from Asia

Philip Vera Cruz

Vera Cruz led the charge to improve the terrible working conditions for migrant workers (Nakanishi& Yamano, 2014). 

Chinese exclusion act that prohibited Chinese immigration.

Congress banned the contract labour of Asian America.

Anti-Asian Bigotry and Violence

 Bigotry and violence against Asians began almost as soon as Asians arrived in the united states

This made the Asians feel unwelcome and led to violence (King, 2019).

Asian America faced exclusion from the Americans and was denied renewal of business. 

Yick Hopkins Yick won a Supreme Court case that ensured that all people citizens and non-citizens had equal protection under the law.

Geary Act prolonged the exclusion of Chinese labourers for another ten years. It also stripped other legal rights from Chinese immigrants in the US

The human rights of Asians were undermined in the United States. There was outright violence. A mob drove Asian-Indian workers from their camp and set it on fire

There was economic inequality due to the unequal distribution of wealth based on race.  

The Asian American was marginalized.

Yuri, Kochiyama

She was a political activist who dedicated her life contributing to social change and human rights movements



Magnuson Act repealed the exclusion of Chinese immigration and 100 Chinese immigrants allowed to enter the United States annually, selected by the U.S. government

The Asian American was denied citizenship (King, 2019). 

They were discriminated against in businesses where they were denied license renewal



Asian American continues to increase but face bias policies that are not pleasant economically. 

They also face discrimination in job opportunities.

Patsy Mink

First Asian American to be elected in Congress. She took moral stands on behalf of Asian Americans and children



The immigration act increased the number of immigrants received based on skills level.





Many Americans report a high degree of social distance to Asian Americans and view Asian Americans as unpatriotic


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